WARNING! You’ve Been Served…With Cum!

WARNING! You’ve Been Served…With Cum!

WARNING! You've Been Served...With Cum!

Last time we saw 64-year-old Lexi McCain, she was sharing a meat-thermometer with her bosom buddy Rita Daniels. Now, the truth is that Rita’s a very concupiscent lady and has a way of keeping all the meat-thermometer for herself and not sharing evenly, so this time, we thought we’d let Lexi acquire all she could handle, all to herself. And it’s her 1st interracial scene, which is always peculiar.

Here, somebody’s knocking at the door for Lexi. It is Lucas. That ladies man works as a process server, and this day he’s serving Lexi with divorce papers.

“You have made my day,” Lexi says. “Do u know what these divorce papers mean? Look how much money I am getting every month for alimony. I can do anything.”

Anything? Yeah, everything. Lexi asks Lucas if he’d like to celebrate with her. Lexi‘s idea of a celebration is sucking and slurping Lucas’s dick, getting her cookie eaten and then getting her shaved, now-divorced cum-hole filled with shlong and her face sprayed with cum.

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Annika Gets Anal

Annika Gets Anal

Annika Acquires Anal

Amorous, young Annika is on the phone with her lady-killer, fondelling her pussy and talking indecent to him. Then that babe blows his mind by telling him to come a trickling coz this babe wishes him to bonk her butt. He’s in such a hurry, that he not quite goes right through the glass door! This chab arrives, and soon this dude is tongueing her pussy and fingering her cookie. She sucks his wang to receive it valuable and ready, then that guy plows her fur pie to receive her totally sexed up. When that babe asks for the ass-fucking, he’s merely also glad to oblige. U can tell from the noises that babe makes that this is what this babe was envisaging for! This chab works her a-hole hard, then thank you her with cum shots down her arse crack.

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Today’s Lesson: Fuck her ass, cum in her mouth!

Today’s Lesson: Bonk her a-hole, cum in her throat!

Today's Lesson: Screw her arse, cum in her face hole!

Ivan needs condoms, and who more worthy to go to than the guidance counselor, hawt HORNY HOUSEWIFE Jenny Mason. Unfortunately, she is with out condoms. Fortunately, she has a solution: a bit of arse! A gal can not get preggo when this babe acquires screwed in the wazoo or, as Jenny so nicely puts it, “You do not acquire to worry about getting pregnant if you take it in the rear.”

As Ivan is about to investigate, 43-year-old Ms. Mason is one of those guidance counselors who makes no doubt of in showing as well as telling. Turns out u cant receive preggy from sucking meat-thermometer and balls, either. But what’s most interesting about this video is that even though Ivan’s rod does go from Jenny‘s mouth to her asshole, this chab ends up banging her fur pie. Uh-oh! Danger zone! Is Jenny going to have Ivan’s baby?

No worries. Jenny sucks off Ivan once more and has him cum in her face hole. And that, certainly, is another way to keep a goddess from getting pregnant during the time that still emptying your nutsac.

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Going Down

Going Down

Going Down

Who doesn’t adore a cute redhead? Sonny gets hit on a lot ‘cuz of her red locks; even the elevator is fair ground for this buck to make a pass at her. This dude wishes to look at if the carpet matches the curtains, and this charmer doesn’t need to expect long to detect out. They head back to his place and it turns out Sonny doesn’t have much by way of carpet, but from what we can watch, she is a natural redhead. And a natural slut. His weenie and balls fit perfectly in her mouth as this babe sucks away. When it’s time to shag, this babe goes str8 to doggie-style because that babe can’t live without it hard and deep. After getting her soaked gap fucked some more that babe receives a load squirted all over her merry bosoms. Said you Sonny was a floozy!

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Just Be Straightforward

Just Be Straightforward

Just Be Straightforward

“When I saw this ‘MODELS WANTED’ flyer I knew it was either plan to be a legit gig or a absolutely bogus sex scam. I was down for either. If someone desires to give me a shot at being a glamour model, great. If they just crave to screw…even more amazing. So I must the address and it is like some hotel room. I already knew how it was gonna go down; I just hoped the man inside was cute. When he opened the door I was indeed cheerful I did not wear a undergarment. That Lothario was cute! So I told him, ‘Let’s cut the bullshit, I know this isn’t a real try-out. Just fucking engulf my funbags.’ I think that chap must’ve liked how straightforward I was cuz that Lothario really fucked the shit out of me. U know, boys do not acquire to make up those elaborate stories and audition to get cuties to fuck. There’re a lot of honey bunnys love me who want pleasure, no-strings-attached sex as much as they do.”

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Two Cocks Make The 60Something Relax

Two Weenies Make The 60 something Relax

Two Knobs Make The 60 something Relax

You may not know this, but dick can relax a dominatrix, and if that babe truly urges to chill out, make it a double. Donna Davidson, a 65-year-old wife from Montana, is nervous about her photo discharge, but she craves to forge ahead besides.

“My partner has been a little off-track lately, and I am hoping some gripping images will kinda classy up our sex life and encourage him to check out me in a different way,” she says.

Donna is still nervous when the discharge begins, but then she pays attention Lucas off to the side. At first, that babe isn’t sure that she likes him dangling around, but previous to long, that babe asks the photographer, “Do u think it would be okay if Lucas was in the shoot with me?”

Yep, it is, and wouldn’t u know it but the photographer joins in, too, and suddenly, Donna is engulfing one schlong whilst the other bonks her, then sucks the pecker that was just screwing her whilst this babe receives fucked by the one that babe was mouthing.

And how does this all end for Donna? With a face-full of cum and, hopefully, a more awesome sex life at home. A trio can do that for a dominatrix-bitch.

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Because A Woman’s Asshole Has Needs, Too

Cuz A Woman’s Chocolate hole Has Needs, Likewise

Because A Woman's Arsehole Has Needs, Too

“I can’t await until you bonk me with that bigger in size than standard, darksome penis of yours,” Trinity tells Asante at the begin of this scene. “She desires u inside of her.” That babe, certainly, is Trinity‘s cum-hole. “That big cock of yours will feel so worthwhile inside of me.”
Trinity goes on and on about Asante’s larger than typical dong and what she wants him to do with it, and, of course, eventually–very quickly, actually–it happens.Trinity then acquires down on her hands and knees and tells Asante how to play with her asshole. “Nice and slow at 1st,” this babe says. “My booty wishes u to screw it.”
But 1st, Trinity‘s face hole acquires rogered. And then her twat. “Fuck that fur pie,” Trinity says. And then, after some more asshole–fingering, Asante sinks his rod unfathomable inside Trinity‘s needy rectal hole. Needy? Did we say needy? Really, there is no thing about Trinity that’s needy. This babe acquires all the sex she urges and needs. “But I can always use a little more,” that babe says. And, so, Trinity uses Asante. To screw her arse.

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40SOMETHING: So this is your 1st time doing experienced adult modeling. Are u nervous?
JASMINE: A little, but not much. I am savouring myself.
40SOMETHING: Where are you from?
JASMINE: Denver, Colorado. I grew up on the east coast. In Allentown, Pennsylvania.
40SOMETHING: And how did you end up at Fourty something?
JASMINE: Well, it is a little bit eager. For starters, I should say that I have done burlesque. I’m a writer, and about a year agone, I wanted to do an article on the art of burlesque ‘cuz it fascinated me. I had a friend who was a male exotic dancer, and that gent suggested that I do burlesque because that smooth operator thought I would be really fine at it. And so I checked out a local venue in Denver that was a cabaret where they had burlesque performances regularly and held a class, and I took the class, and the requirement for graduation was performing in front of a live audience. And it was a soldout display, and it went so well, I wrote an article about how taking your sexy outfit off can empower a lady cuz I am all about women’s empowerment and sweethearts being secure in their sexuality. And then they asked me to come back and perform some more, so I did seven or eight performances in Denver.
40SOMETHING: What were the performances love?
JASMINE: I did a classic style of burlesque. I did a 1950s look. I am in love with that era, the 1940s and ’50s. The mink stoles, the gloves, the glamorous look, everything. It was very gripping.
40SOMETHING: Did you take all your gracious clothes off?
JASMINE: I stripped down to pasties and nothing less than a panty. These were the rules. You had to keep a panty on.
40SOMETHING: Did u relish it?
JASMINE: Oh, very much. I had some allies…well, I should tell u that I am a recovering geek. I came from the technology industry. I worked in the software business majority of my adult life. I was in technical training. I used to educate geeks. I tutored programmers, if u can make no doubt of that, and then I did consulting work. I did sales, I did marketing and I did global alliance managing, so I traveled around the world managing relationships. And the humorous thing is, I invited a couple of people who used to work with me in the industry to my unveil, and one of ’em was a lad friend, and he said me I looked adore I would been doing it all my life. This chap told, “You are a natural.” And that was my first appearance spectacle. It was very exciting and it was exceedingly empowering. The day of my debut performance in burlesque was one of the almost all thrilling days of my life.
40SOMETHING: How come?
JASMINE: It was getting over a taboo. It was type of a celebration of my divorce as well, so I was kind of coming into my power as a newly single lady. Finding out who I am at my age and having been in marriage pretty much all of my adult life, it was very empowering. It gave me an opportunity to set myself free. Let my free spirit soar.

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Brooke Tyler

Brooke Tyler Brooke Tyler
Brooke Tyler @ BlacksOnCougars.com
I have taken a job at a medical dispensary since my loser spouse can’t make ends meet. I must meet a variety of interesting patients suffering from various afflictions. This muscly and juvenile dark-skinned boyfrend came into the store and he was a whole mess. I could have sold him a wide range of plants but my yearning, white snatch had other ideas. I took Rico home with me and laid on some enormous duty flirting to a black buck in dire need of aid. He loosened up when I felt him up and his worries disappeared as pretty soon as I started touching with tongue up and down his large, dark shaft. I paid attention to the head of his big, dark shlong and made ample use of my lunch sixty minutes. Rico couldn’t assist but play with my 44D scones and it was admirable to have a real charmer palm them love a basketball. I just had to feel that stupendous pole split me apart so I rode that dark-skinned bull. It felt love an eternity as each inch of his darksome ramrod made its way into my neglected slit. I was already in heaven when I realized there was about 6 more inches left of him to permeate me with. I always wanted interracial sex to go into my mundane life and Rico’s knob made up for lost time. I bent over and this chab rammed me with the monster in his pants until my own sweat was blinding me. My blonde hair kept getting into my eyes as his dark bazooka did its harm to my snatch. Each inch of black ramrod made me consider divorcing that waste of space the paperboy refers to as "Mr. Tyler." I was enjoying every inch of Rico but in a short time realized the store was vacant. I stroked and sucked Rico until he shot his creamy goodness all over my face. I had no makeup with me so the next customer coming in is plan to watch the remnants of dark semen all over my face.
Brooke Tyler Brooke Tyler
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Donna Takes Things A Step Further

Donna Takes Things A Step Farther

Donna Takes Things A Step Further

“I at not time thought I would do this. It is good to be someone’s fantasy,” said Donna Davidson, a 65-year-old wife from Montana who lives a very rustic, laid-back life at home but here is getting drilled by two males this babe met, say, about five minutes earlier. And such is life in the 60PlusMILFs.com, studio. “It’s an salute to be 65 and doing this,” Donna said. “I think plenty of 65-year-olds would not wanna let their bodies be on digital camera, but I feel love I have worked truly stiff to take care of mine, so it is joy to be here.

“I know a lot of men out there’re intend to be looking at my images and fantasizing about me. That makes me feel worthwhile. I at no time thought I would be 65 years mature and someone’s pinup fantasy.”

Jack fantasy, Donna. That is even more killer than a pinup dream.

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Kalee The Fuck Star

Kalee The Fuck Star

Kalee The Copulate Star

Kalee Hunter is a twentysomething department store clerk from Georgia, and this babe is sick of it. Adore so many other small city beauties, that babe dreams of fame and fortune. But there’s not much she can do. This babe does know how to play the harmonica, but who gives a shit? That babe brandishes up to an audition thinking that babe is plan to blow the interviewers away. And that babe does blow them, but not with her harmonica skills. Although we will say, playing the harmonica have to aid her breathing, which results in more killer blow jobs. Here, Kalee copulates and sucks for the cameras, proving that this babe is no typical department store clerk. Nope, she’s a bonk star now.

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Jenna’s First On-Camera Cock!

Jenna’s 1st On-Camera Pecker!

Jenna's 1st On-Camera Penis!

“I was raised in a conservative, religious household and community, so I denied my desires until about the age of Thirty five,” said Jenna Bouche, a happily married 44-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida. “Since then, I have been lucky to have fulfilled many fantasies, but a not many remain and new ones emerge.”

Being at 40SomethingMag.com, jacking one of our studs to orgasm, talking obscene along the way, was definitely one of her dreams. And another?

“To be the erotic focus of numerous guys at one time. I always love being the center of attention.”

Although, in these photos, Jenna makes JMac’s dick the center of her attention, she is the center of ours, and Jenna smiled when we pointed out that thousands of dudes would be jacking to her photos.

“That makes me glad!” this babe told.

A hardly any details about Jenna. She played softball when this babe was youthful and is now an nutty runner, having competed in several marathons and triathlons. This babe works in sales. This babe can be a mistresse when the mood strikes.

“In general, my partner and I’ve a wife-led marriage,” that babe said. “I detect more and more about myself with each carnal rencounter, so you not ever know where that might lead.”

Jenna, we hope you learned something this day. We did. We learned that we have the hots for Jenna.

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