Elara Elis – Elara gets what she wants

Elara receives what she urges

Elara acquires what that babe wants

“I think I am intend to shag that weenie. I am intend to suck that wang,” 49-year-old Elara Elis says by way of introduction to 40SomethingMag.com. She’s a female-dominant of her word. Previous to lengthy, she’s mouthing that schlong and riding that pecker, and to finish things off, that babe sucks it a little more and enjoys a facial. Not bad for starters!

Elara is a wife from Florida. Her hobbies are SCUBA diving, reading and being a Mama. This babe likewise can’t live without bike riding and intend to the Health Disrobe club. We asked her what kind of lads she loves and this babe said, “Nice ones. No drama. Alluring. A little dominant over me. Older and wiser.”

“I’m an exhibitionist,” this babe added. “I love being bare. I love being bound up and blindfolded and banged. My fantasy is to have 2 boyz or gals doing me.”

Elara made this fantasy come true. We have no doubt she’ll make that one come true, also.

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Sydni Lane – From big tease to first anal fuck in just four months

From large tanalise to first anal screw in just four months

From bigger than standard tanalize to 1st anal fuck in just four months

The following progression plan isn’t recommended for all 60Plus HORNY HOUSEWIVES. It’s, however, the one followed by 61-year-old Sydni Lane.

1. October 2012. Visits our studio for the first time. Is a little unsure about how hawt she desires to go. Craves to acquire the lay of the land previous to becoming the lay of the land, so to speak. Does her first-ever clip, “The Large Warmup,” in which this babe unveils off her whole body. Acquires on her hands and knees and fingers her rectal hole while frigging her snatch. Tells us that babe is into anal job.

2. November 2012. Returns to our studio. This time, that babe is ready to shag. Tells us about her first time, “It was my first time shooting, so I wanted to watch what it was all about. But when your studio manager asked me about doing hardcore, I told, ‘Sure!'” So shag that babe did. And suck!

3. January 2013. “This is my 1st time on-camera getting banged in the a-hole! I can not wait!” Sydni tells us. And when it is all over, when her 61-year-old wazoo has been fucked each which way, Sydni (lying on her back, legs spread), tells us “Wonderful experience!”

Four months. From spreading to getting ass-fucked. Didn’t take long, did it? And that babe was worth the expect, was not this babe? Sometimes, it pays to be patient.

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Kelsey Roberts – The Low Blow

The Low Blow

The Low Blow

This babe is a hot, youthful fight fan who adores Mike Tyson, and she wishes to learn the basics of boxing for self-defense. So a ally sends her to a guy who knows his way around the ring to train her the basics. She puts the gloves on and they start talking about basic moves, but this babe in a short time brings her instructor to his knees with a great jab to his testicles. Naturally, the only way to make him feel better and restore feeling to his meat-thermometer is to suck it and then ride it subrigid. Who needs to trade blows when you can fuck?

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Pansy – She’s ready to go!

This babe is ready to go!

She's willing to go!

Lives: Montreal, Canada; Occupation: Waitress; Age: 30; Born: August 19; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 138 pounds; Bras: 36B; Panties: Briefs; Anal: Of course; BJs: Love salty spunk; Diddle: Adore my toys.

“I’m always flamboyant and risque and I love it when boys check me out,” said Pansy. “So when the lad I’m rogering now–we’re not in a relationship with, just banging a lot–showed me the web resource one night, I said him that I wanted in. I swear his knob got bigger than I would seen it in advance of and this chab screwed me like barmy. When this chab reads the copy he’ll watch that my friend and I (he’ll know who I mean) desire a three-some with him. It will be a 1st for us girls. I adore slow sex with tons of breaks. I’ll cum once or twice if we’ve done oral-job 1st. Finish me off doggie style–fast and hard–till I cum one more time, then pull out and a gang bang my butt untill you cum. That’s an A1 screw!”

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Natalie Star – Not So Hard To Get

Not So Rock hard To Get

Not So Rock hard To Get

Sometimes part of the enjoyment of getting laid is the follow. Natalie plays rock hard to acquire with 2 boyz who approach her in the park, but love almost any standoffish gals, she’s indeed just a whore who urges to make them work for her muff. “At 1st I was absolutely, adore, whatever. I mean, I am not just plan to copulate any boy that comes up to me on the street. But that one charmer was nice-looking cute, and the more they started talking to me the more I wanted to fuck,” said Natalie. So when this babe lastly lets her guard (and her briefs) down, it’s that much more satisfying for this boy to plough her. With her totally flat chest and pencil-eraser areolas, making this kill is just as thrilling, if not more so, than the actual search. For the all the holding out that Natalie does, that babe sure doesn’t hold back when it comes to opening her face hole or her legs. And he doesn’t hold back when that gent unloads on her chin.

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Jemini Jordan – Big-assed Lady Truck Driver Loves Gang Bangs

Large butted Dominant-bitch MPV Driver Loves Gang Bangs

Big-assed Lady Van Driver Can't live with out Gang Bangs

Jemini craves to know, “Are u petticoat chaser sufficient for me?” And not just woman chaser sufficient to handle her 46-inch booty, which is tons of cushion for the push-in. Smooth operator sufficient to handle a mistress who’s into gang bangs and sex in public places. Gent sufficient for a dominant-bitch who drives a van for a living and can handle a bigger than run of the mill rig.

“Now that I have done my 1st porn scene, I have had majority of my dreams fulfilled,” Jemini said. Almost all but not all. “I still wish to become a member of the Mile-High Exotic dancing club.” Can you imagine screwing that big arse in an airplane WC?

Jemini was born in Colorado and lives in Texas. This babe had her 1st gang group sex at a swinging couples party in Kansas City. She’s had many more since then. Yeah, that babe has had sex in the cab of her truck. Yeah, that babe is happily married. And although this babe has tons of sex, that babe usually waits for the boy to make the 1st move.

“Of course, I send out signals, but it usually doesn’t take the boy long to make his move,” that babe said. “I don’t costume in lewd hot outfit. I’m a jeans and T-shirts angel. But I appear to be to have a carnal aura about me.”

She’s a lotta female. Can u handle her?

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Jemini Jordan – Jemini’s Afternoon Delight

Jemini’s Afternoon Delight

Jemini's Afternoon Delight

As the cars drive by outside, the people in those cars have no idea that inside, just on the other side of that window they just passed, a thick, excited, 44-year-old divorcee named Jemini Jordan is having naughty, forbidden, on-camera sex with a charmer that babe hadn’t even known until minutes earlier. That’s the way things happen at the 40SomethingMag.com studio, where just about every afternoon brings some lucky people a little afternoon delight.

Is there much dialogue in this scene? No, not truly. Jemini moans, “Oh,” when Sergio spanks her bigger in size than typical ass. That babe smacks her lips when she wraps them around his schlong. This babe says, “Mmmmph” and “Ahhhh,” whilst that babe sucks his shlong, and this chab says, “Suck my rod,” which this man doesn’t get to say coz Jemini’s already doing it. So, not much dialogue. Just lots of mouthing and banging. Just the way we adore it.

You’ll like Jemini with her lengthy, blonde hair and larger than typical thighs and big haunches. You’ll adore how this babe can take a rock hard pounding. This babe liked it, likewise.

“Oh, yep!” Jemini said as Sergio gangbanged her from behind.

And the cars kept passing by.

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Ellie Shae – A Quick Fix For Her Itch

A Quick Fix For Her Itch

A Quick Fix For Her Itch

When a girl’s home alone and her bawdy cleft begins to receive twitchy and demand some attention, this babe can either fun it herself–as Ellie Shae starts to do–or that babe can jump the bones of a lad who knocks at her front door selling books. Books? Yea, well, what the copulate! He acquires invited in, and within two minutes or so his strapon is being slurped down Ellie Shae’s throat. That babe receives some great fellatio action as well, and her vagina receives pleasured in each which way. And, a pair of orgasms later, u can betcha that it’s not twitching any more.

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Sindy Silver – Don’t just sit there and watch Sindy. Jack!

Don’t just sit there and observe Sindy. Jack!

Don't just sit there and view Sindy. Jack!

“I one time had sex on the steps of a post office while the sun was setting,” 52-year-old divorcee Sindy said. “My recent friend and I just started banging. We were very lustful and we got brave, and we became oblivious to our surroundings.”

Timid and reserved are not the words to describe Sindy, who told us that babe came to Fourty something cuz “I wanted to fuck some of the big-dicked dudes I’ve seen in your magazine. I wanted to see if I could take one of them up my wazoo. Anal invasion is my specialty.”

Sindy is a divorced Mamma of four, but the kids are out of the abode now so this babe is free to do whatever that babe pleases.

“I was a swinger for a during the time that because the boy I was seeing loved to observe me get screwed by other bucks. My wildest swinging experience was when I was at Gang Group-sex Friday and they put the spotlight on me. When I was done, I noticed the whole lap dancing club had gathered around me. Everybody was clapping. I had cum running off my face and all over my whoppers. I lost count of how many boys I drilled that night. Five, 10, 20. Maybe more.”

“Gang Group sex Friday”? We didn’t know such a thing existed, but Sindy obviously knows. She’s the main event.

“I adore to be watched,” that babe said. “It turns me on knowing other people are watching. Sometimes I’ll look over while I’m banging or engulfing schlong and watch lads stroking their weenies. I love the idea of you boyz out there taking your dicks with out your pants and stroking ’em during the time that you’re looking at my muff. Watch how luscious my fingers are? That’s how moist my pussy is. It is always moist. There is not ever a time when I don’t wish pecker.”

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Michelle Peters – Totally stuffed!

Totally stuffed!

Totally stuffed!

Lives: Fresh Port Richey, Florida; Occupation: Student; Age: Twenty one; Born: September 9; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 118 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Victoria’s Secret; Anal: Occasionally; BJs: Like salty ball batter; Diddle: About once a week.

“I’ve accepted that I am not ever gonna have big melons, but I am pleased with my bod the way it’s. I got my little tattoo 1st, but I didn’t think it made any kind of statement. So I did some looking around online and decided on the tattoo around my snatch. Fortunate bucks that get there will be sure to remember me for that, if no thing else, I hope. Johnny’s 10-Pounder filled me up absolutely and felt soooo precious! I loved trying all the poses with him: doggie style was my beloved. I had a great climax and I was kinda frustrated when he could not final any longer and had to cum. I could have kept going for ages. Watch the pics also.

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Cheyanne – Cheyanne Cums & Gets Cum

Cheyanne Cums & Gets Cum

Cheyanne Cums & Gets Cum

Cheyanne is a 52 year-old Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK and GILF, a silver cougar who’s broken without the pack and decided to take the large plunge into 50PlusMilfs.com fucking with youthful rod, far away from home and family. Yep, a recent disciple for u older-lady worshippers. “I like to have my partner observe me when I have sex,” Cheyanne says matter-of-factly. Just await until her hub sees this.

Cheyanne’s interview is upcoming and she’ll tell us where this wild streak comes from. She could just as easily swing wild in intimate behind closed doors but that babe wanted her pierced slit split by porn rod on episode to fulfill her nasty-ass dreams.

“I masturbate more than most honeys and I have been a nudist all my life. I became a swinger merely final year. I’m aggressive. I love to initiate the ball rolling. I fuck chaps and I screw babes. I wasn’t getting sufficient sex. I know it is late in life compared to many sweethearts to try porn, but, you know, 1st things 1st.”

Mr. Largo has his cock-work cut out for him when this smooth operator hooks up with this fuckable firebomb at the 50PlusMilfs sex room. She puts his bloated 10-Pounder through its paces and the clutch of her taut fur pie surprised even him. You’d think she’s been doing porn scenes for years. Hotties half her age are not this fuck-slutty and insane for a facial cum-blast. And that is why we like SEXY HOUSEWIVES.

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Elara Elis – Wife, mom and first-timer

Wife, Mother and first-timer

Wife, Mama and first-timer

“What’s the almost any joy job you’ve ever had?” we asked Elara Elis, a 49-year-old first-timer from Florida.

“Doing this,” this babe said.

And by “this,” she means…

“Getting stripped in front of the digi camera. Banging hung fellows while people look at. I am living out a fantasy.”

And helping us out with ours, also. Elara is 5’4″ and has a weight of 133 pounds. That babe has C-cup hooters. This babe has a 29-year-old son. Majority importantly, this babe is married. Happily married.

“He was very sexually excited about me coming here,” Elara said.

Elara says almost all people who know her would be surprised to watch her here, but her intimate allies wouldn’t be surprised. By private, that babe means…

“We all went to a swinger married couples undress club once. We loved it. We all were watching every other having sex. It was very orgasmic.”

Elara has a lot of orgasms. This babe has sex 3 to five times a day, six days a week. This babe loves mouthing weenie.

“When I’m having sex, I fantasize about being viewed by people,” Elara said.

That means us, 40SomethingMag.com members.

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