Jenni Rhodes – Last Hurrah

Last Hurrah

Last Hurrah

Things have changed since we last saw Jenni banging her partner, T. For starters, she’s single now. “I do not have any unbending feelings towards him. In fact, we’re still truly worthwhile friends. We just did not have anything in common except that we loved banging the living shit out of each other. This man truly took these shots, also. It was back when we were still jointly and we were gonna submit them as a pair. This is kind of like a farewell gift to him–and to all your subscribers, too! I’ll miss his bigger in size than run of the mill rod, but now it is on to (hopefully) larger things!”

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Gina West – Step Right Up and Watch Gina West fuck

Step Right Up and View Gina West fuck

Step Right Up and View Gina West fuck

Gina West, a woman with an unconventional past and probably an unusual future, too, makes her initial appearance by engulfing and fucking Jeremy and taking his ball batter all over her face. Gina is 44 years mature, was born in Dearborn, Michigan and now lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

As for that interesting past…

“I traveled doing magic flaunts around the world,” this babe said. “I was in Cirque du Soleil, likewise.”

For her latest magic trick, Gina makes Jeremy’s knob vanish inside her pussy.

As for the future…

“I wanna do a circus action on a trapeze,” this babe told.

We think she should fuck on a trapeze. Is that even possible? Probably.

“I was a gymnast and played football,” Gina told. “I do ballroom lap dancing.”

She does males, too.

“What sexually satisfies me foremost? When a lady-killer cums. I squirt and I love it down my face hole.”

Step right up, gentlemen, and witness the sexy Gina West.

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Genesis Janes – Our Little Secret

Our Little Secret

Our Little Secret

Genesis is back! It is been a couple of years since we saw her last. This babe was living in a small apartment with no AC somewhere in the Miami suburbs. It was so hot this babe had to disrobe, bust out a quick agonorgasmos and take a cold shower. Now she is moved up in the world, has a precious high-rise townhouse near the beach and a steady boyfriend. Do not worry, though. This babe is still a wicked hotty who rubs and dildos her muff every possible opportunity. “I not at any time told my lad that I was on the web resource. I have no idea how he’d respond. Maybe he’ll stumble upon my pix and we’ll copulate adore barmy, or maybe we’ll break up. I’m not worried about it though–it makes it more adventurous. I sent in the original shots ‘cuz I thought it would be hawt. It was. Now I’m doing it afresh ‘coz I need a little more excitement in my life. Each goddess can’t live with out having hot secrets.”

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Jewel – Submissive Slut

Pliant Wench

Submissive Slut

“I am very private about my sexual dreams,” told 65-year-old Jewel. “Once a dream is experienced or disclosed, it’s no longer a fantasy.”

Fortunately, however, this wife, Mother and grandmother has no hesitations about acting out her fantasies in front of the camera. Here, Jewel is a obedient slut in Tony’s dungeon of shlong. That babe is wearing a short, blue, Latex petticoat and stockings. Tony has a riding crop, and Jewel appears to relish having her muff slapped by it. This babe too enjoys having her pussy fingered. And mouthing on Tony’s fingers that just came out of her slit. And being fed dong, orally and in her vagina.

“My mood at the time instructs whether I am the aggressor or whether I love most of all the ladies man to take charge,” Jewel told. “Today, I enjoyed having Tony take charge.

Jewel has become of the most-popular grannies in the world. She at no time would have guessed it. This babe worked for the government for 13 years. She was an executive secretary, a banker and an office manager. Now, she is a pornstar!

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Desiree Dalton – First The Fashion Show, Then The Three-way

1st The Fashion Flaunt, Then The Three-way

First The Fashion Unveil, Then The Three-way

When this scene widens, 45-year-old Desiree Dalton has 2 boys groping her.

“There’s something I got to display you,” Desiree tells ’em.

Show ’em? They’re already feeling everything. Juan has his hands on her milk cans and Tony has his hands on her slit.

“I went to the store the other day,” Desiree says, “and bought some new lingerie, and I wanna do a little fashion flaunt and get your opinion.”

She’s wearing a white underneath garment, straps, stockings and a garter. Their opinion? Hard-ons.

“Do u like the old-fashioned stockings?” Desiree asks them.

Definitely, but they mostly adore twat. No thing old-fashioned about that. And Desiree can’t live out of their unyielding knobs…one in her bawdy cleft while the other is in her face hole.

Laughable thing: This scene starts as a fashion show but ends with Desiree wearing absolutely no thing. Except cum on her face, of course.

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Jewel – Jewel In The Dungeon of Dick

Jewel In The Dungeon of Rod

Jewel In The Dungeon of Dick

When we asked Jewel whether this babe is sexually assertive or passive, that babe said, “I can be the one and the other. It depends upon my mood.”

This day, Jewel is passive, and Tony is her dom. Jewel, the horniest 65-year-old wife and grandmother you’re ever intend to watch, is looking very sexy in a blue, Latex petticoat with nylons and heels. She’s in Tony’s dungeon, and he has a riding crop.

“I understand you are a good slaver,” Jewel says before Tony begins dominating her nude, shaven pussy. Then this buck feeds her his penis, and at that point, we’re wondering who actually is the assertive one ‘coz Jewel, as ordinary, does a number on his rigid dong. Then Tony shags her every which way, then this dude cums on her face.

And so goes Jewel’s 9th screw at She’s one of our most-popular ladies ever, and her popularity is showing no signs of fading.

“I usually don’t love having sex during the time that people see,” Jewel said. “I’m a more private-whore-behind-the-door kind of lover. But I admit I do enjoy performing in front of a digital camera.”

And we never receive fatigued of watching her.

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Lily Love – Greetings From Germany!

Hi From Germany!

Greetings From Germany!

Born: Gulf Shores, Alabama; Occupation: Nanny in Germany; Age: 22; Born: December 12; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 140 pounds; Bras: 34D; Panties: Briefs or bikini-style; Anal: Like it! BJs: Learning to deepthroat; Diddle: Sometimes.

“These fotos come from Germany–the city of Dresden–where I am still a nanny,” told Lily. “I’m go out with a German lad, Thirty three, who wanted to take fotos for the web site one time I showed him the shots already posted. This guy is as good with a digital camera as this chab is with his schlong, and he’s always ready for a bonk session whenever I come on to him. Each time we get together it either begins or ends with sex…and I still cant receive sufficient!”

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Soleil – Hot As Soleil

Sexy As Soleil

Hot As Soleil

“I do not usually await for guys to make the 1st move. Who has time for all that?”

Not Soleil, a 44-year-old divorcee from Florida whose 1st scene we called “our greatest anal scene ever.”

After dancing for Twenty years in various exotic dancing clubs as well as being a cam-girl, it’s not entirely surprising that Soleil discovered her way to our studio. This dark-skinned brown siren is a bit of a firecracker. She is got carnal energy to spare and could wear out any charmer lucky sufficient to get her into sofa. Soleil’s at no time been a swinger, but she’s definitely thought about it. This babe said us she’s been a nudist practically her whole life. And that babe likes porn.

“I like watching porn while I masturbate. I can receive off in 60 seconds if I’m watching a hot enough scene. I suppose that’s what drew me to this.”

Soleil’s kinkiest experience was inside a dressing room at the mall.

“I met this hawt, younger sexy boy at a department store. This lady-killer was flirting with me from the get-go. The place was marvelous empty since the stores were about to close. I asked him to help me try some alluring raiment out, and this chab was all for it. This chap overspread my mouth so people wouldn’t hear me moaning while that buck rogered me doggy position!”

That boy wouldn’t be surprised to see her here. The truth is, Soleil isn’t surprised to be here, either.

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Natalie Star – Back Rent? Back That Ass Up!

Back Rent? Back That Butt Up!

Back Rent? Back That Booty Up!

Natalie is an artist. She thinks this babe is a expert painter just expecting for her large break. We know her skills and talents truly lie in how this babe treats a dick. It’s no wonder then that she cant pay her bills and has to fuck her landlord just to get one more month. Now, do not kick off feeling bad for her. She knew today would come, and she’s been looking forward to it! No woman opens her butt cheeks adore that while getting banged unless she’s looking for deeper penetration and a harder agonorgasmos. Who knew that her landlord was an artist, also? He paints an abstract cumshot all over her gorgeous face!

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Desiree Dalton – Porn to Serve

Porn to Serve

Porn to Serve

Desiree Dalton enjoyed her first visit to the studio so much that this babe decided to come back for more. Much more. This tall, thin and hot divorcee, now living in Miami, Florida, gets 2 dicks in her 3rd scene.

“I thought my first scenes looked excellent,” 45-year-old Desiree said. “I was very glad. It was strange to see myself at 1st. I got a little constrained, but that faded quickly. I then started to criticize myself, but that is to be assumed. I’m a Virgo.”

Ok. According to, “Those born below this sign are forever the ass of jokes for being so picky and critical (and they can be), but their attention to detail is for a reason: to assist others. Virgos, more than any other sign, were born to serve, and it gives ’em great pleasure.”

In this scene, Desiree serves Tony and Juan. It gives them great pleasure. It gives her great pleasure. Certainly, they serve her, also…their ramrods.

Desiree is a swinger, so she is used to people watching when she’s having sex. But she says shooting for us changed her a little.

“It has taught me to not be bashful,” she told. “This time, I’m having a lot more joy with the shoots. I am not as nervous.”

Coy? Could have fooled us.

Desiree looks super-fuckable in her white below garment and a couple of knickers that frames her arse nicely so her cheeks are exposed. This babe too has on white nylons and a garter. That babe blows one dude whilst that babe rides the other’s wang. Then the boyz switch places. Born to serve. That is Desiree.

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Rachel Steele – Rachel Does It Anywhere. Including Here.

Rachel Does It Anywhere. Including Here.

Rachel Does It Anywhere. Including Here.

Rachel Steele, a 51-year-old HORNY HOUSEWIFE and porn star, tells us how that babe got her start in porn.

“It all started with a sexy picture by the pool that a friend submitted to an non-professional voyeur web resource,” she told. “The picture won 1st prize, and nothing’s been the same since. I started shooting and not at any time avoided. I started out by merely doing solos, but as I became more comfortable, I realized that I wanted to have sex on-camera. I really wanted that experience, and I fell in adore with it. Now I screw on-camera all the time.”

Like here.

But she bonks elsewhere, too.

“One time I gave a lad a hand job during dinner at a fancy restaurant. I do not know how we managed to not make a mess.”

That babe means how this chab managed to not make a mess. Well, that chap did, but Rachel cleaned up afterwards.

“I’m very discreet. I need to say, though, when he was cumming in my hand, it took all my restraint to not crawl below the table and gulp his load. After we were done with dinner, we went home and had the majority astonishing sex.”

There’s more.

“I’ve had sex in a coatroom at a Boston restaurant. I don’t receive that many opportunities to have sex in such a public place. It had to be quick, but it was such a thrill. And we nearly got caught, too!”

Rachel was born in Maine. That babe now lives in Tampa, Florida. That babe is a chick with a body. Savour.

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Rachel Steele – In Rachel We Trust

In Rachel We Trust

In Rachel We Trust

“I have an idea,” mammoth boobed, 51-year-old SEXY HOUSEWIFE Rachel Steele tells her boy. “Want to try something a little bit different?”

Rachel is wearing a blue suit. Her body, especially her bigger in size than standard scoops and lengthy legs, look especially precious in her beautiful clothing. And this babe and her boy are already going at it, so…next thing we know, she’s blindfolding him.

“So, with one of your senses gone, the other senses are going to be heightened,” Rachel explains. “A lot! Trust me. You’re gonna like it.”

Now, the fact is, bucks are a lot more trusting when they have hard-ons. But there is no reason not to trust Rachel. She’s into giving pleasure as much as she’s into getting it, and rather than stealing his credit card and trickling without the room to go shopping as some younger vixens might do, Rachel sucks and bonks Levi’s ding-dong. Then she works out his cock onto her face.

Trust. It is a uncommon commodity in this day and age. But when you’re with a bitch hotty adore Rachel, it is worth having.

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