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“My partner loves reading SCORE cause he’s into beauties with the stupendous, silicone boobs. When I ask him why he’s go out with me if this charmer likes that kinda beauty, this chab says that they are ok to view, but I am the foremost to adore,” Anaya SAID. “That sounds love bullshit to me, but it will do. Final time this chap went to buy a SCORE, I went with him and picked up a copy of NN and made him buy it, too. After looking at it while this chab drooled over the SCORE, I told him I wanted him to take pics of me to send in. This chab was actually shocked.”

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Charli Shay – Charli’s hairy pussy creampie

Charli’s unshaved cookie creampie

Charli's unshaved cookie creampie

Nearly 2 years have passed since we final saw Charli Shay, a 45-year-old divorced Mother of two, and we’ve some valuable news to report: This babe is still very sexy, and her snatch is now mostly unshaven. Yep, there’s a worthwhile bush of hair on that mature twat of hers. Yay! Today, Charli is gonna screw a 22-year-old Lothario, a dude juvenile sufficient to be her son.

Charli lives in San Diego, California. She’s slender. We’re sad to report that this babe hasn’t observed her other two scenes at got ass-fucked and creampied-but that just tells us Charli is a doer, not a watcher. Here, this babe does Peter’s ding-dong and has him cum in her cum-hole. They make a real mess!

Charli has had sex on a pier. She’s had sex on a boat in the midst of a lake. Neither of these things come close to having sex on-camera for all the world to see.

We asked Charli what that babe does to make a ladies man feel peculiar, and she said:

1.) Treat him love this chab is the almost all important person in the world.
TWO.) Give him a lot of blow jobs.

Almost any fellows would probably settle for just No. 2.

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Ryan Conner

Ryan Conner Ryan Conner
Ryan Conner @
Sean Michaels and Prince Yashua have partnered on a race car. It was a big investment, but they’re hoping the payoff is even bigger in size. They’re on the hunt for a driver, and they’re looking for a trophy model as well. These two going to win, and there’s no thing better than a gracious trophy goddess to receive your car even more attention. It’s been a day filled with interviewing hot vixens, and these 2 are looking for the right one. Come into Ryan Conner. Sure, she’s a bit mature, but Sean and Prince have always gone for aged women. Add the fact Ryan has a bigger in size than average round butt to match her bigger than average love bubbles, and we may have a hire. But will Ryan do whatsoever it takes to secure the job? Both dudes are about to identify Ryan will go above and beyond what it takes to make them pleased.
Ryan Conner Ryan Conner
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Sydni takes it up the arse and can’t live with out it!

Sydni takes it up the gazoo and loves it!

Sydni takes it up the gazoo and can't live without it!

Sydni Lane enjoys anal dance on-camera for the 1st time, and that babe isn’t demure about telling the entire world about it.

“This is my first time getting rogered in the arse on-camera, and I can’t await,” 61-year-old Sydni says. “I’m already getting chills.”

A matter of joke, but we didn’t notice any goose bumps on her arse while that babe was getting rogered in her ass-pipe, but maybe we weren’t looking closely enough. Actually, we were. We were watching during the time that Sydni was getting ass-fucked each which way, in every possible position, and moaning and screaming and taking every inch…like a porno star?

Well, yep, like a porn star, but Sydni definitely isn’t one of these.

“I haven’t viewed that much porn,” Sydni said. “I told my ally that I indeed did not wanna see also much porn or observe too many magazines because I just crave myself to come out and be myself, not pick up somebody else’s style. I just saw a little bit to get an idea.”

Says Sydni near the end of the scene, “I would like u to cum on this arse!”

Was that being yourself, Sydni? Or was that an idea u got from watching porn?

Either way, it works for us.

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Cheryl – No Less Extreme

No Less Extraordinary

No Less Extreme

Our extreme Bush Baby has decided to shear her cunnie-curls, and that babe is making us seize front-row seats for the action!

Cheryl has given her pussy a day or 2 to rest after the exhaustive shaving/masturbation workout we saw in her movie scene. She’s now wearing a easygoing green housedress. She is comfortable. Maybe also comfortable? She is spreading her pink love tunnel and letting it gape wide previous to this babe rides her fingers to a large, juicy bigger than average O!

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Charlie – Something’s cooking in Charlie’s kitchen

Something’s cooking in Charlie’s kitchen

Something's cooking in Charlie's kitchen

Charlie is in the kitchen baking a cake when her son’s ally Peter shows up.

“It always smells so precious here,” this chab says. “What are u baking?”

Charlie says she’s baking a cake for her son, but Peter knows that is a tell lies when he sees the cake. It’s a 10-Pounder cake!

“That’s for Billy?” Peter asks.

That babe fesses up. Her girlfriend is getting a divorce, so she’s making her a cake. Isn’t that worthwhile of Charlie? The weenie cake is very detailed. It has balls and veins. It even has cum.

“Does Billy know about this?” Peter asks.

Nope, Billy doesn’t know, and Charlie’s going to make sure this chap doesn’t inspect…by engulfing and rogering his 22-year-old ally into silence.

Charlie, by the way, is 63. She’s married. That babe has children and grandchildren. And this babe enjoys doing things majority 60somethings do not do.

Blowing a 22-year-old is one of these things.

Flashing her zeppelins for beads at Mardi Gras is another.

Of course, rogering on-camera is the colossal thing of all.

Charlie lives in Colorado with her hubby. She used to be a nurse. This babe does, indeed, enjoy baking. That babe likewise loves going to the clips. And gonna naked beaches. And masturbating.

“I have all the latest toys to go with my fantasies,” Charlie said.

Fucking juvenile chaps is one of ’em.

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Lyla Lali – Lyla proves that 47-year-old pussy and ass can be tight

Lyla proves that 47-year-old snatch and wazoo can be taut

Lyla proves that 47-year-old cookie and booty can be tight

Lyla Lali is sat on the ottoman when JMac brandishes up. He’s there to observe the game, but Lyla’s clip hubby isn’t home, so this ladies man sits down and calls a friend.

“Did I hear you say something about a loose vagina?” Lyla, shocked, asks JMac when that chap hangs up. Indeed, this babe did. Last night, this chab took home a cutie from a exotic dancing club, and that babe had a loose vagina.

“She was Twenty three, Twenty four and that babe had a loose twat?” Lyla exclaims. “That’s pathetic.”

Of course Lyla thinks it is pathetic. She’s 47 years aged, but that babe has a slit that is as constricted as a virgin’s. Okay, maybe not that taut, but u get the idea.

“I thought the mature you get, the looser it gets,” clueless JMac says.

Lyla tells him that is not true. “The tighter it receives,” this babe tells him. “We know how to keep it good and constricted.” Then she proceeds to prove it.

“My slit is very constricted,” this babe says. “It squeezes on the knob real wonderful.”

JMac’s about to investigate that Lyla’s throat is taut, likewise. And what else about Lyla is taut beside her trim, hawt body? Her asshole is tight, also!

“I’ve been said I’m a lively copulate,” Lyla said. “Nothing is worse to me than when a boyfriend is bored or quiet during sex. I adore to keep things gripping by gyrating or bouncing my thighs, talking smutty, stopping the sex to suck the guy’s shlong and moaning. That doesn’t mean that I fake it. My groans and movements are natural and genuine.”

Her cum-hole and butt are naturally taut? Or does this babe just keep them that way? And does it truly matter?

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Charlie – Charlie Charm is now a 60PlusMILF!

Charlie Charisma is now a 60PlusMILF!

Charlie Enchantment is now a 60PlusMILF!

The first time wife, Mama, grandma and swinger Charlie Enchantment visited our studio was in 2009. Ah, we remember it well. Charlie showed 2 lucky fellows how a 57-year-old nurse treats a weenie at

Now, Charlie is 63 years old. She still likes showing off her fun bags in public. She’s still married. The merely differences betwixt Charlie then and Charlie now are that she’s older and more worthwhile…and doing her thing at

Charlie doesn’t like the idea of getting mature. She says she feels young. She thinks like a younger person. But here’s the deal: That babe screws like a mature bitch beauty, and that’s a priceless thing. We told her this babe came to the right place, where aged is always more fine.

“I’m so glad to hear that,” Charlie said as that babe prepared for the 1st knob of her visit. And the winner is Peter Green, who, at 22, is juvenile sufficient to be her grandson. Do the math.

Charlie was born in Pennsylvania and lives in Colorado. That babe enjoys flashing for beads at Mardi Gras in Recent Orleans. This babe describes herself as “shy and proper at home.” That babe is not coy and proper in our studio, although we think it is entirely proper to engulf and shag on-camera.

She’s not a swinger, by the way. Although…”I did have a juvenile gent at Mardi Gras, along with my husband. They took turns on me all night.”

Guess it all depends on your definition of “swinger.”

Our definition of hot, hawt GILF? You’re looking at her.

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Cheryl – Hairy Gaper

Shaggy Gaper

Hairy Gaper

Remember Cheryl? We posted some fotos of her a while back. We asked you boyz if you wanted to see more of this impressively unshaved cutie. We wanted to know if this babe had gone also far. A pair of u boyz commented (which we appreciate), and a couple of boyz sent us emails. The consensus was that Cheryl is welcome here at NaughtyMag as lengthy as this babe keeps spreading her twat.

We love a bushy clam. We also adore a precious, pink gaper. Cheryl’s got both, which is one of the reasons we love her so much. She is also got a precious, creamy complexion and squeezable scoops. That babe curses love a sailor, but this babe does it in a enjoyable way. Basically, Cheryl might just be our favorite bush baby…so far.

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Sydni floats our boat

Sydni floats our boat

Sydni floats our boat

It is worldwide “showing my bra-busters and vagina on movie scene for the first time” time for Sydni Lane, a 61-year-old ravisher from South Florida. Sydni is single (not at all married), and this babe is a rubdown therapist. We did not ask her if being a rubdown therapist involves massaging guy’s schlongs coz we did not wanna be nosy. We do, however, like to use our imaginations. So, in our imaginations, it does.

Sydni enjoys figure skating and ballroom exotic dancing. This babe loves intend to art galleries and museums. Does that make her a nose-stuck-up-in-the-air high society hotty? No. Not ever. ‘coz Sydni is likewise a nudist and a swinger. She dildos her pussy with the vibration on HIGH. That babe squirts when she is rogered right. She likes to have sex many times a day. She’s into anal-copulation. And she recently had sex with a 28-year-old.

“He was on his hands and knees, and I played with and sucked his jock and balls from behind,” Sydni told us. “Then I inserted a sex tool in his gazoo, and he sitting on it.”

Ok, soever floats your boat, Sydni. You float our boat.

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Lyla Lali – A big one for Lyla’s tight asshole

A bigger than average one for Lyla’s tight asshole

A large one for Lyla's tight asshole

U didn’t think we were gonna bring Lyla Lali back to our studio and not do an anal scene with her, did u? Of course not! Lyla broke her on-camera anal cherry the first time she visited our studio, and this time, she’s taking anal to the next level by taking JMac’s big, thick jock up her constricted little butt.

“I’m so randy,” Lyla told as this babe sat in the makeup room, contemplating for JMac to arrive. “I fucked him final time, and it was great. I can’t await to have him in my booty.”

Lyla had no doubt that she could take JMac in her a-hole.

“I’m indeed going to have enjoyment this,” this babe told, sounding love a kid in a candy store.

Lyla, who’s Fourty seven and says “nothing is perverted to me,” was born in New York Town and lives in South Florida. She has F-cup fun bags and a 25-inch waist. She’s 5’9″, 118 pounds. Once, one of our studs met her at a club in South Florida. This woman chaser did not know she’d done porn. That babe didn’t know this man was a porn buck. They banged. This ladies man said it was great. We’re not surprised.

We asked JMac about Lyla’s gazoo, and that petticoat chaser told it’s extraordinary. “So fucking taut,” he told.

Anew, we’re not surprised. At this point, nothing about Lyla surprises us.

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Jamie Franklin – Carwash Suck & Fuck

Carwash Engulf & Shag

Carwash Suck & Fuck

This was supposed to be a two-couple deal with Jamie and Sunni having the complete “Fuck A Stud” experience with a couple of the chaps. The gals were looking forward to rogering in the recent air and watching every other in act. Unfortunately, the other stud had some unexpected “ignition problems,” so the photographer just went with Jamie and Jack. Sunni could only look at from the sidelines.

Jamie, Eighteen, is a scholar from Richmond, Virginia. She’s 5’9″, has a weight of 145 pounds, wears 34B bras and usually goes commando. It was the 1st time she’d ever had sex outdoors or any place other than on a daybed.

“I really wasn’t sure what to wait ‘coz I haven’t been with many boys,” Jamie told. “But I had an idea that screwing a stud adore Jack was plan to feel a whole lot different and more excellent than what I’d experienced. I was right about that! I sucked on Jack’s massive penis as superlatively priceless I could and then he licked me real priceless till I had a little agonorgasmos. Then this man started to do me not fast. Damn, this dude felt big in me! My poor little wet crack got stretched and stretched, and it felt amazing! I suppose that is why I came again-a bigger than average, strong one-before we were done. I was savouring it so much and was so into all the great sensations that I was frustrated when Jack finally gasped that he couldn’t last much longer and had to pull out of my cookie.

“I didn’t have a prefered way for banging till I got jointly with Jack. But now I like being on top a whole lot, followed by getting it from behind while I am on my side. Then comes regular doggie style. I hope I will not be frustrated with the ‘regular’ guys I must screw in future. I mean, I doubt that their dicks will be as large as Jack’s was and I’ve no idea if they’ll pay attention to me as much as this chab did. But now I know what’s possible, so I am intend to ask for it, and I’ll know what ways feel the best to me. So I might just become a bossy slut in couch who demands a lot from her paramours. But I know that I’ll be worth it, anyway, and I’ll only get more awesome with experience.”

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