Jordan Nevaeh – Don’t be selfish

Don’t be selfish

Don't be selfish

“I can’t cum unless I acquire a greater than average jock,” Jordan told, with satisfaction evident in her voice. We were just interested in seeing her twat and mouth rammed with buck meat, so we made arrangements for her to prevent by. “Sometimes, just getting off from oral job is sufficient for me,” told Jordan. “I don’t plan it that way, it just happens. I’ll be watching a movie scene on TV or something with a chap when I get the urge to start fooling around. I go down on him and engulf him off. Certainly I can’t always drink, so almost all of the time I’ll let him bust on my tits or my face. Then he has to eat me out and acquire me off–twice if I’m really lucky–and we’ll both be content. See it is all about cumming and satisfying each other; it’s not just about screwing. There’s no room for selfishness in the bedroom. If you just wanna receive yours and leave, you can screw off and receive blue balls.”

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Porsche Lane – Hawt bumpers, love tunnel and arse for the deadbeat

Hot titties, cunt and booty for the deadbeat

Hot mounds, cunt and a-hole for the deadbeat

Some lads have all the luck. Take this dickhead, for example. That woman chaser is not the brightest. He brandishes up late for work daily, and what happens? Does he lose his job, which is exactly what would happen to u and me? Does that woman chaser get docked pay? No. This ladies man receives to bonk the boss’s hawt wife: 48-year-old, huge-titted Porsche Lane, who should know more admirable than to walk around the warehouse in a short-short skirt, fuck-me pumps and a low-cut top that allows her bigger in size than typical meatballs to pop out.

That babe calls the schmuck to her office, and he is naive sufficient to say, “I wager your partner can not shag you adore I can.” Now that is got to acquire him fired, right? Incorrect! Porsche has him prove it. This babe even allows him access to her arse.

Like we told, some boys have all the luck. But at least we’ve to jack to it.

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Madison Paige – Anal on demand

Anal on demand

Anal on demand

When we asked 46-year-old first-timer Madison Paige what that babe desires to do that she is not ever done, this babe told, “Climb a waterfall.” We’re not exactly sure how that is done, but we’re sure Madison will discover a way. Will this babe acquire wet doing it? Of course. Madison is always juicy.

When we asked Madison what she wanted to do when this babe visited our studio, this babe told, “Get ass-fucked by one of your fellows.”

We definitely identified a way to make that happen. As it turned out, Madison did anal the one and the other days this babe was in our studio. The second day, this babe took a big, darksome wang up her constricted wazoo, but that is a story for another day.

Madison is divorced. She was born in Rhode Island and lives in Florida. She has bigger than average pantoons and 3 piercings on her love tunnel. 2 decorate her cookie lips. The other decorates her like button, so if you go down on Madison, there’ll be almost certainly about where you’re supposed to stick your tongue.

Certainly, u could tongue her anus if you’d like. She’d be fine with that.

Madison enjoys billiards, boating, riding motorcycles, gardening in the bare, shopping and getting drilled in her butt. Not in that instruct.

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Annellise Croft – No business, all pleasure

No business, all fun

No business, all pleasure

Doesn’t Annellise look alluring in that white business suit that babe is wearing? She looks so chic, so executive-like. It is not how we’re used to seeing her. We’re used to seeing her with her big mounds popping without her undergarment and her teats sharp and subrigid and her 51-year-old pussy either spread and ready for shlong or filled with cock.

Ah, do not worry. That’ll come later. Tarzan will manhandle her big pantoons. This dude will engulf on her nipps. That petticoat chaser will receive his dick sucked and fuck that twat. He will come on Annellise’s beautiful face. Coz that’s how we roll around here.

But it was worthy to see Annellise in regular-woman wear, wasn’t it? After all, she’s a Mamma and grandmother. It’s not like that babe walks around fucking all day. Although this babe would if this babe could.

Annellise measures 36DDD-26-36. Excellent. Her accent is an interesting mix of Southern United States and British. She works in beast shelters and owns a not many rescue dogs. She’s been to numerous married couples disrobe clubs but has at not time really partaken in the act. That babe is amiable. She is good. And she is hot. That’s a great combination.

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Lexi Lowe

Lexi Lowe Lexi Lowe
Lexi Lowe @
It’s tax season, and we all know what that means. Time to visit your bookkeepers and accountants. This is where we first see Mandingo, working on his 2016 tax return with his account. Which is when Lexi Lowe — the account’s fiance — walks in the room. She craves to be helpful. Maybe bring Mandingo some water. When she returns with his water — clad only in sexy lingerie — Dingo knows what’s up. It’s a cuckold couple; and, addition to tax advice, his accountant is offering up his attractive bride to be. Despite the size of his gigantic rod, Lexi will offer up all 3 of her ready holes in order to fully satisfy her darksome lover. Mandingo rewards Lexi will a bellyful of jism, and her skirt chaser awards her lascivious behavior with a load all over Lexi’s big boobies.
Lexi Lowe Lexi Lowe

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Savannah Steele – The hottest mom

The hottest Mom

The hottest mom

Watch the outfit 44-year-old Savannah is wearing here? It is not just for the digital camera. That babe dresses love this in real life, too.

“If u watch my Twitter account, u can see all the hawt outfits I like to wear,” that babe told.

Savannah definitely doesn’t dress like a frumpy Mama. Skimpy underware, low-cut tops, snug dresses and mini skirts all make up her wardrobe.

“They say u shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in my case, that isn’t true. I like to dress love a wench and it is coz I love to action adore a whore too. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

Her kids might think otherwise. That babe has 2 teenage children. Their friends call her a Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK. She’s a MILF.

“Forget about wrinkles or grey hair. The real thing that long time you is dressing love a school marm. I’d see some of the mamas when I drop my kids off at school, and they looked love they hadn’t gotten wang in a million years. I wear my sexuality on my sleeve, and I guess that’s what keeps me young. Maybe some people think that means I try likewise rock hard, but I’m just doing what feels valuable and comes natural to me. And I guess I look marvelous admirable, so can u blame me?”

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Jessica Sexton – “Wanna screw my daughter? Got to copulate me 1st!”

“Wanna copulate my daughter? Gotta bonk me 1st!”

When almost all mothers say they wanna make sure their daughter’s boyfriends are “good enough for her,” they usually mean they wanna make sure this chab has a precious job, is ambitious and treats her right. You know…be a fine hubby, a nice father. All that.

But when 53-year-old Jessica Sexton says, “I wanna make sure that they’re good sufficient for her, so I give ’em a tryout,” she means that that babe urges to make sure that their ramrods are valuable sufficient for her daughter’s snatch. She wants to make sure that her daughter’s recent boyfriends know how to eat vagina and fuck. That might sound odd, and we agree that it is. What’s even more unusual about this is that Jessica makes sure that those boyz know how to shag a woman’s asshole, likewise. Or maybe this babe is doing that just for herself and doesn’t pass it along. Who knows with mothers and daughters these days?

We do know that Jessica came to our studio with her 19-year-old daughter. The daughter, Monica, drilled for And here’s the Mama fucking, so we had Mom and daughter banging in our studio on the same day.

“I love to try out my daughter’s boyfriends,” Jessica disclosed.

But here’s what we’re wondering: How many of her daughter’s boyfriends have decided that they’d rather have Mother? We’re betting quite a small in number.

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Trinity Michaels – Big Tits, Great Attitude

Big Love melons, Great Attitude

Big Bouncy bosoms, Great Attitude

Triple-D blessed Floridian Trinity Michaels is curvier than most of the girls we feature on our web page, but has a lot of what we wish. That babe looks barmy to share some of it. That babe said us some of her fantasies. “One of my dreams is to be eaten out by a female who is being dominated by a buck and told by him to eat me out,” says Trinity. “After I cum, he has sex with us doggy style in doggie, then in missionary and finally with us taking turns on top of him. I thought of some other things I would adore to try, like licking his nuts whilst this gent fucks her in missionary, and having my bawdy cleft eaten afresh by her while he slides his schlong between my scones and into my face hole.” Sounds like a plan! “And love I mentiond, I want to be drilled by a hawt gal with a strap-on whilst I’m giving a boy a fellatio. All my dreams seem to involve 2 people, do not they?” Trinity says a boy should just come up to her and talk if he wishes to must know her. The funniest line she’s ever heard was, “Hey goddess, are you the little fallen cutie I have been looking for all my life?” That one’s as rank as a refrigerator that needs cleaning. Trinity did not say if the boy got her number. You by no means know. The real cheesy stuff works sometimes.

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Lacey Grant – Worship Lacey’s legs and feet

Worship Lacey’s legs and feet

Worship Lacey's legs and feet

This is for all u leg and feet paramours out there. Lacey Grant is a 45-year-old Mommy of two who knows how to work her hot, constricted body. That babe is had sufficient guys worship her to know what that is all about. So acquire on your knees, buddy. Make like to Lacey’s legs and feet. You might not ever get some other chance love this again.

“I’ve rogered on kitchen floors, kitchen counters, kitchen tables, anything,” Lacey told. “I’m the kind of cutie who, when the mood hits, I do not have time to come into the bedroom. I’m like, ‘Hit it now!'”

That is an offer no HORNY HOUSEWIFE paramour could refuse.

“And so far, nobody has,” this babe said.

Hit it now, gentlemen.

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Ophelia Vixxxen – Ophelia goes solo…because she craves to

Ophelia goes solo…because this babe wants to

Ophelia goes solo...because she wants to

Ophelia is a 46-year-old chick from the Gulf Coast of Texas, and here, she gives the gift that each ladies man wants: the gift of vagina. Ophelia can’t live with out to have sex with multiple partners at the same time, especially if they are hawt, juvenile hotties with beautiful cunts.

“I love it when angels are sexy and look like they take care of themselves. That truly turns me on,” she said.

And what does this big boobed, golden-haired cougar do when that babe is not involved in some fuckfest frenzy?

“I adore to soak in a hawt baths and masturbate, a lot. The minute my body hits the hawt water, I am aroused. I take a couple of bathroom a day.”

Nothing incorrect with an extra-clean female-dominant with obscene thoughts, we say.

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Jewel – The golden angel who truly does give a copulate

The golden hotty who indeed does give a bonk

The golden angel who indeed does give a fuck

When Jewel debuted in the December 2005 issue of Fourty something mag, this babe immediately became one of our most popular 50somethings ever, and now that this babe is 60something, she’s one of our almost all popular 60somethings ever.

Yep, Jewel is a great bonk. This babe knows what this babe is doing. But that babe is bewitching, classy, a matter of joke and sexy all at the same time. This babe is from North Carolina, and this babe is the epitome of the old-fashioned Southern belle. But then her handsome clothing come off, and we kick off to wonder, just how proper are these old-fashioned Southern belles after all?

Well, this babe copulates properly. Isn’t that what counts?

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Madison Paige – Ass-fucked for starters

Ass-fucked for starters

Ass-fucked for starters

Usually when a first-timer visits our studio, we try to warm her up a little. Take things slow. We tend to discharge two hardcore scenes with our MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK, and the 1st is usually glamorous straightforward: oral-sex, pussy fucking, etc. And if that babe is into anal, we’ll shoot that the second day.

That’s what we had planned for Madison Paige, a 46-year-old divorcee from Rhode Island who lives in Florida. Str8 sex on day one, anal-copulation on day two.

But Madison was not having any of that. This babe strolled into our studio on Day One and proclaimed, “I wanna get my arse drilled by one of your porn men.”

You see, Madison enjoys anal sex more than cookie sex. And we were more than cheerful to give her what she wanted. So, here, 22-year-old Peter Green bonks her face hole, cum-hole and taut booty. By the way, Madison sucks unfathomable.

“I love ’em all ages,” Madison said. “I do not discriminate.”

She has large, fake billibongs and piercings on her pink flaps and clit. We’d tell you about her hobbies, but at this point, we’re guessing u just do not care.

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