Oldest GILF ever gets big, black cock

Oldest GILF ever gets big, black cock

Oldest GILF ever gets big, black cock

Sandra Ann is an amazing woman. She’s 75 and our oldest GILF ever. She’s into sex in public places. She once fucked a man while he was driving a motor home. She sat on his lap, and he looked over her shoulder as she grinded into his cock. And while her old bitty friends are sitting at home on the couch watching TV, Sandra Ann is doing her first porn scene. They think she’s crazy. We think she’s horny.

“I’m always looking,” she said. And sucking. And fucking.

We spoke to Lucas, the stud in this scene, after the fucking, and he said Sandra Ann gave the best head he’s ever had.

“How many women have deep-throated you?” we asked him.

“One,” Lucas said. “Her.”

And that means Sandra Ann isn’t just the oldest. She’s the best.

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Penny Porsche’s big-tit car wash

Penny Porsche’s big-tit car wash

Penny Porsche's big-tit car wash

Penny Porsche is a MILF hottie with F-cup tits and an ultra-large clit. She’s divorced. She’s a mom. She’s a porn star. Her frank and direct approach to sex is very refreshing.

“I’d rather have a guy make me cum by sucking my clit, and there are very few men who know how to do that,” Penny said. “They have to really suck on the clit. They have to lick it and suck it, and guys are afraid that they’re going to hurt me. They don’t lick hard enough. I don’t know why men are afraid of the pussy. They just want to get in there and fuck. It’s hard for me to find guys who really want to get into my pussy and lick it and explore it and suck on my clit. Foreplay. You know what I mean? Not just get to the action and stick their cock in and blow their load and get off and that’s it.”

When Penny visited our studio, we kidded that it’d be a wet-dream cum true if we could get her to wash a Porsche out in the lot. The rest is history. Penny took the squeegee to her buxom bod, running it between her tits. With suds covering her wet rack, she squirted water so far out of her twat it almost hit a staffer! Getting the Porsche (on wheels) cleaned was forgotten after Penny was handed a dildo. She’s one smooth ride.

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When her son’s away, Mom plays

When her son’s away, Mom plays

When her son's away, Mom plays

Two guys are sitting around talking.

“She’s hot,” one of them says.

“It’s my mom, man. Don’t even think about it.”

Well, mom shows up. It’s 43-year-old Sindi Star, and when she squeezes past where the friend is sitting, she practically shoves her ass in his face, drawing a shake of the head from her disgusted son. Poor kid. It’s not easy having a MILF slut for a mom.

“Are you sure you’re his mom?” tact-lacking friend says, “You two look nothing alike.”

“My dad, bro'” the son says. “She has a thing for dark-skinned men.”

“I sure do,” mom says.

Yeah, and guess what? The friend happens to have dark skin, and then the son gets a call on his cell phone, and then mom and the friend are left alone together.

We’ll let you figure out what happens next, but put it this way: If mom was planning on going for a facial today, she got one at home.

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Sally is 59. Her stud is 24. Yeah, 24.

Sally is 59. Her stud is 24. Yeah, 24.

Sally is 59. Her stud is 24. Yeah, 24.

When Sally D’Angelo was shooting this scene, her moans of pleasure filled the building. Make that screams of pleasure. Sally, a 59-year-old wife, mom, grandmother and first-timer, was having her old cunt fucked hard in the studio, and she was letting everyone in the building know how much she was enjoying herself.

“I cum a lot when I have sex,” big-titted Sally said.

Other than the videographers and studio staff, most of the staff couldn’t see what was going on behind closed doors. They could only hear. In all honesty, working became impossible. Getting work done isn’t easy when all you can hear is a woman moaning, “Tell me you like that pussy!” and “You like fucking me, don’t you?”

So, Sally is 59. Rocky, her stud, is 24. She wants his tongue, she wants his cock and she doesn’t care who knows it. She aggressively goes after her guy.

“Do you want to stick your tongue in that pussy?” she says, then she rubs Rocky’s crotch. “What do you have for me down there?” She pulls out his cock and sucks it hard and deep, then she gets fucked hard and deep, and she even eats her own pussy juices off his cock. In the end, she opens her mouth for cum.

And that’s what went on behind closed doors when Sally D’Angelo visited our studio.

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Deep inside Naughty Alysha

Deep inside Naughty Alysha

Deep inside Naughty Alysha

“I have a favorite vibrator that I use with one of my big toys, but I can get off with just the vibrator,” said beautiful, sexy Naughty Alysha, who in this video can be seen stuffing her spectacular, world famous pussy with giant toys, the kind of toys most women would run away from. Not Alyssa. She stuffs them inside her well-greased cunt with the greatest of ease, earning our eternal admiration.

Alysha told us that “the pussy is an amazing muscle,” and she really proves it here. This is one of the most-intimate videos of Alysha we’ve ever seen. The camera gets right in there, and you can hear her pussy squishing, see her pussy expanding.

Some basic facts about Alysha: She’s 5’6″, 135 pounds and measures 36DD-27-38, which is very impressive for a woman of any age, no less a 40-year-old. She’s married. She has kids. They know what she does for a living, which is this. She wears bras as infrequently as possible. And she likes to go to parties wearing short skirts and tops that show lots of cleavage. By “parties,” she means swingers parties. Yeah, she’s a swinger. Big surprise, eh? Her perfect day?

“A beach, a glass of Pinot Grigio and quiet.”

She didn’t mention giant toys. We assume those come later.


Naughty Alysha talks and fucks herself with giant toys

Naughty Alysha talks and fucks herself with giant toys

Naughty Alysha talks and fucks herself with giant toys

Naughty Alysha, aka Alysha Morgan, has done a lot of things in her life. More than just about any woman on Earth. She’s a woman who has fucked the biggest toys in the world. But, until now, she had never done one thing: She had never been interviewed while fucking her pussy with dildos.

But now, it’s happening. Alysha, who’s 40 and from Tampa, Florida, is doing just that and doing it very well. Of course, there are times when Alysha is so overcome by the huge cocks filling her cunt that she has to take a break to collect her thoughts, but for the most part, this is non-stop talking and dildo fucking. And it’s very hot. Super sleazy.

Among the things Alysha reveals:

“The pussy is an amazing muscle. She will go right back.” So don’t worry if your cock isn’t as big as Alyssa’s toys. It’ll still feel good inside her pussy.

She also tells us why and when she started shaving her pussy.

And she reveals why she’s never been a stripper.

“I’m afraid I’m going to fall and look like an idiot,” she says. “I’m very shy.”

Yeah, right, Alysha. But you know what? We’re never going to argue with you.


In her

In her

In her

Jenna Bouche, who’s 45 and from Northern Florida, gives up her ass in her first-ever anal video. She’s dressed well for the occasion, wearing a bustier, stockings and a garter plus a nice G-string that frames her big, round, tattooed ass. It’s an ass that needs to be fucked.

The guy who fucks Jenna in this scene is 20 years younger than her, but if you’re a bit older than that, don’t worry.

“I’m generally attracted to men who are older than me,” she said, “I love the salt-and-pepper look as well as bald man. I tend to favor the multi-faceted man who can fix the kitchen sink, cook a good meal, write me poetry and comfortably attend a black-tie affair but the next day throw on boots and jeans and head to the local hole in the wall to play pool and drink beer.”

Women. They can be as idealistic as men. Hoping for the impossible. Of course, Jenna is married, so she’s not looking for a soul mate. She already has one. She’s only looking for guys to fuck. And in that case, a hard cock is all she needs. Up her ass, of course.

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Raquel Sieb’s anal threesome

Raquel Sieb’s anal threesome

Raquel Sieb's anal threesome

Raquel Sieb, 50, once told us, “Those young California girls think they have something on me because they’re younger. Fine. Let them think whatever they want. I know how to make a man cum.”

Raquel is not all talk, no action.

“What fun would that be?” she said. So when we asked her if it would be okay for two studs to take turns on her ass, she answered, “Okay? I’d love it!”

And she obviously does, loving how it feels to suck one cock while another fucks her tight asshole, loving how the guys take turns on her ass and move their cocks from her pussy to her ass and back again. Loving two loads of cum on her pretty face.

There are two parts of Raquel’s body we’d like to call your attention to. First, her pussy. It’s ultra-pink and meaty with thick lips. It’s a fuck doll’s pussy, the kind that might be designed by a maker of fuck dolls who’s envisioning the perfect cunt. It’s the kind of pussy that wraps itself around a man’s rod and squeezes it tight.

Next, we’d like to call your attention to Raquel’s asshole, which might be the finest we’ve ever seen. It’s a true starfish, which is remarkable considering how often it has been filled with dick. We asked Raquel what she loves most about anal sex and she said, “The pressure. I love the way it feels. I love having a cock in my ass. Even when I masturbate, I’ll stick a finger or two in my ass.”

No need for that here. She’s got two cocks to do the job.

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Marla fucks a BBC. Her husband watches.

Marla fucks a BBC. Her husband watches.

Marla fucks a BBC. Her husband watches.

“I never got fucked by a black man,” 52-year-old Marla Jones says to her husband as she rubs her pussy, waiting for Asante to show up. “I can’t wait.”

Then Asante shows up, and Marla tells him, “I got so fucking horny waiting for you.”

“Go ahead, Asante,” Mr. Jones says as he watches. “You can finger my wife.”

“Please, I fucking hope so,” Marla tells Asante, who’s hesitant at first but starts rubbing then inserting. “Don’t go so easy there. Barge right in! This fucking cunt’s been waiting for you.”

Before long, Asante, who had seemed confused by the situation, maybe a little intimidated, gets into the swing of things, and he completely forgets his prior hesitation when Marla goes down on his dick. And then she looks into the camera and says to us, “You like this? Don’t you wish I was sucking your cock? You jerking it off?”

Marla is one of the dirtiest-talking MILFs we’ve ever met. She’s one of the best cock suckers, too. She has spectacular technique, licking and sucking and paying attention to parts of the cock that most guys didn’t even know they had.

FYI, the husband in this scene is Marla’s real-life hubby, and he watched the whole thing. Coming here was his idea, and Marla is glad he came up with it.

“I loved having that big, black cock in my cunt,” Marla said.

You won’t doubt that for a second.

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This Southern belle takes it where the sun don’t shine

This Southern belle takes it where the sun don’t shine

This Southern belle takes it where the sun don't shine

The dude wants to talk. Missy Thompson just wants to fuck. The way she’s grabbing his crotch, the way her tits are bulging out of her lingerie send that very message.

“You can fuck me all day long with that big dick,” Missy says. “You can fuck me in the ass with that big dick.”

He can and he does, but first, Missy sucks his cock and opens her 51-year-old pussy for his hard-on.

“The harder the better,” Missy offers.

Born in Biloxi, Mississippi, Missy lives in Alabama, and you know what they say about Southern belles, how they’re proper and demure? Missy isn’t, and she isn’t afraid to admit it.

“I don’t care what a guy looks like, where he’s from or what he does,” she said. “As long as he’s clean, is open to fun things and has a hard cock and knows how to use it, he and I will get along very nicely.”

But like a proper Southern woman, Missy isn’t in-your-face when it comes to approaching men.

“I let my body and smile take care of my part,” Missy said. “His hard cock will take care of his part.”

And Missy’s asshole will take care of its part. Just watch.

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