How a busty MILF found excitement

How a busty MILF found excitement

How a busty MILF found excitement

It’s a big world out there, but you’ve never seen another 50something like Robin Pachino. Besides being mega hot with perfect tits, Robbin also likes to knit…and she also has a kinky sex dungeon in her backyard. Watch in disbelief as this fine MILF sticks a replica of a wolf’s cock in her wet twat and makes the most original, orgasmic sounds we’ve ever heard, at least in this galaxy.

“My entire body is a pleasure center,” she said. “My ex-husband says I’m a slut. I tell him he’s an asshole for losing the best piece of ass he’ll ever have. Eat your heart out, baby! My old job was boring. My marriage was boring. My life was boring.”

It’s not boring anymore.

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Marla gives her daughter’s fiance a test fuck

Marla gives her daughter’s fiance a test fuck

Marla gives her daughter's fiance a test fuck

Marla Jones, a 52-year-old newcomer from Maine, looks like actress Jamie Lee Curtis and fucks like Jamie Lee in our fantasies. That’s a good thing. She’s a college student (“I’m a late-comer,” she said, and we’re not sure if she intended the double-meaning), and she’s married, which is great.

In this scene, her first pro shoot, Marla is the mother of the bride. She meets with her future son-in-law to go over wedding plans, and before long, Marla starts talking about their wedding night, and before long…

“Now let me see what my daughter’s been ranting and raving about,” Marla says as she unbuckles Jack’s belt.

More on Marla. She enjoys watching NASCAR and football, and her favorite team is the New England Patriots. Her hobbies are reading and traveling.

“Apart from having sex, that is.”

And she said, “I love to role play. Dressing up as a naughty nurse or a bad teacher, wearing stockings, heels and gloves. That’s what I fantasize about. On the flip side, I imagine seducing a lawyer, police officer, mailman…pretty much any guy in a suit or uniform.”

Basically, she loves to fuck. Our kind of woman.

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Georgette fucks two guys for the first time on-camera

Georgette fucks two guys for the first time on-camera

Georgette fucks two guys for the first time on-camera

When this scene opens, 65-year-old Georgette Parks looks very sexy but classy. She’s wearing red lingerie and stockings. Even when she’s talking about getting fucked by two guys on-camera for the first time, she still has that air of class.

But then the camera pans down. Hey, Georgette isn’t wearing any panties! Her shaved pussy is right there for all the world to see! And then we remember: Georgette is a classy slut.

The two guys show up, one on each side of her. “I want you to fuck me,” Slut Georgette says. “I want to get fucked so bad. And I want to suck both of you.”

Georgette kneels between them and sucks one while jacking the other. Then she lies back and takes turns sucking one guy while the other fingers her pussy. When the fucking starts, there isn’t a moment when Georgette’s mouth and pussy aren’t simultaneously stuffed. Okay, there are a few moments: when they’re changing positions.

Question: How much cum can Georgette coax out of two cocks at the same time? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

“I love cock,” Georgette said, “and the more the merrier!”

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Vanessa fucks another guy, and her hubby’s the cameraman!

Vanessa fucks another guy, and her hubby’s the cameraman!

Vanessa fucks another guy, and her hubby's the cameraman!

This video of 41-year-old Vanessa, a housewife from Chula Vista, California, was actually shot by her husband. Wasn’t that nice of him? And doesn’t that make him a cuckold?

“My husband hired a porn stud for me to fuck,” Vanessa explained. “I’d never turn down a gift like that! My husband has taken hundreds of pictures of me, but this is the first time he’s shot me fucking another guy.”

Interesting. Most men would want to shoot their wife if they caught her fucking another guy. Vanessa’s husband sets it up.

“I love being married,”Vanessa said.

We can see why.

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Growth potential

Growth potential

Growth potential

Bea Cummins, 66 in this scene and married, is sitting on a couch, hearing about her options for retirement. But Bea isn’t interested in hearing about retirement plans. That’s boring as shit. And you’d think this guy would notice that she’s sitting there with her tits practically hanging out of her dress and stroking his leg. On one hand, Bea looks so respectable, so normal. On the other hand, you know she wants it.

So the guy is going on about the “growth” potential of her plan, and she’s more interested in the growth of his cock and how it might benefit her horny pussy. She starts stroking herself, then asks, “Are you sure that’s the best deal?” Yeah, he is, but Bea doesn’t want to talk about economics right now. So she takes out her tits, and finally, the dude gets the idea, and that’s when the real growth in his pants begins, and Bea helps it along by sucking his dick.

Bea is from Kentucky, she works in sales and marketing with her second husband (the first was a complete asshole who didn’t allow Bea the sexual freedom she needed) and fucks around with her hubby’s complete blessing.

“I love the way I look now,” Bea said. “I’m proud of what I’ve got, and I don’t mind showing it.”

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Ass-fucked my her son’s best friend!

Ass-fucked my her son’s best friend!

Ass-fucked my her son's best friend!

This scene could be called, “Fucking Your Best Friend’s Sexy Mom In The Ass.” The mom is Dacia Logan, a 52-year-old divorcee from Queens, New York (born in Romania). Here, she’s a jilted housewife whose hubby has stood her up again. The loser’s car broke down. She’s all dressed up and ready to go, and now she’s pissed. She looks outside and sees her son sitting at the pool with his friend Juan and asks her son to go get his father. But, of course, this is just a ploy. She wants to be alone with Juan.

“Could you come up here and help me with something?” Dacia calls from the bedroom window. When he gets up there, Dacia is lying in bed.

“You can help me with a lot of things,” she says. “I was watching you. You look so sexy. You can give me what I need, can’t you?”

“But what about your son?” Juan asks.

“Nobody has to know. It’ll be our little secret.”

Dacia sits him down on the bed and goes right after his cock. She licks his balls and sucks his shaft sloppily. Then she has Juan fuck her in several positions. When her pussy has been thoroughly plowed, she says the magic words.

“Are you ready to stick it in my ass?” Dacia says. “I want to feel you in my ass.”

Dacia, like so many Romanian women, was a gymnast when she was young. She now jogs, plays tennis, dances, goes to the gym and fucks strangers. She likes lingerie and high heels. She loves to play with handcuffs, blindfolds and toys. She fantasizes about having a three-way in a public park. Hey, Central Park isn’t far from where she lives. And she’s a swinger.

You’re not surprised by that, are you?

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Georgette and friend’s pussy pal

Georgette and friend’s pussy pal

Georgette and friend's pussy pal

60something Georgette Parks has done a lot of things. But eating an 18-year-old’s pussy definitely isn’t one of them, and having a threesome with an 18-year-old and a 60-year-old guy isn’t one of them, either.

In this video, Georgette is one-half of a swinging couple. Sophia, the 18-year-old, has answered their ad for a maid. But Georgette doesn’t want a maid. She wants young pussy! So, when the dude goes to the kitchen to fetch some refreshments, Georgette makes her move. Before you know it, they’re kissing…real kissing, not that phony porn lezzie kissing you sometimes see, which is pretty impressive since Georgette once told us she isn’t into girls. Well, no offense, Georgette, but bullshit!

Soon, Georgette’s hands are all over the teen’s tits and pussy, and when the husband comes back, the action really starts.

“At first I was afraid to eat an older woman’s pussy,” Sophia said. “I didn’t know what it would be like. But Georgette’s pussy tastes really good, and I loved how she ate my pussy. Georgette told me she hasn’t eaten much pussy in her life, but I couldn’t tell. She made me cum over and over!”

There’s cum for all after the dicking is done, and everyone is happy, especially the lucky dude. Asked to compare the two ladies, John said, “Sophia was wonderful, but to me, there’s something about a woman like Georgette that can’t be matched. And you know what? Georgette’s pussy was just as tight, if not tighter, than Sophia’s.”

Now that’s a fucking compliment!

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Why, why, why Delilah? Because she’s horny!

Why, why, why Delilah? Because she’s horny!

Why, why, why Delilah? Because she's horny!

Delilah is a Southern belle. Her man is out of town. What’s wrong with these guys, leaving these hot MILFs all alone? Anyway, Delilah wants to borrow some sugar from her young neighbor, and it’s not the granulated type. You know, pour some sugar on me, and all that stuff.

Anyway, Delilah loves his hard muscles, especially the muscle between his legs. And he likes her big, fake tits. So it’s a perfect match, and with hubby out of town…

Delilah blows him and gets eaten out and finger-fucked before riding his cock reverse-cowgirl, the better to show off her pierced cunt. She’s prime MILF meat, and she gets stuffed with prime meat.

Note to hubby: Stay home next time.

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Welcome to the neighborhood

Welcome to the neighborhood

Welcome to the neighborhood

Lin Boyde is a horny 62-year-old divorcee. She’s standing out on her balcony, watching her new neighbor move in, and getting hornier by the minute. The sweatier he gets, the wetter her pussy becomes.

“I have to check this out a little bit more,” Lin says to herself. “It looks like that’s his last load.”

Well, maybe for now it is, but Lin has some plans for his next load.

An hour later, Lin knocks on his door with a baked apple pie. She’s welcoming him to the neighborhood. Isn’t that nice? He seems to be really busy (the dude apparently doesn’t notice that Lin is ready to pull his pants off), and Lin talks her way inside. She feeds him the pie. He tries to get rid of her. She feeds him some more pie. He tries to get rid of her. She feeds him some more pie and drops a piece on the floor. She bends over to pick it up, and on her way back up, she stops at his crotch and pulls his cock out of his pants.

At this point, he stops trying to get rid of her.

“I’m always ready for sex,” Lin told us. “And I thinking fucking a new neighbor would be the perfect way to welcome him to the neighborhood.”

Blow job, ball-sucking, pussy-fucking…it’s all here. We have the feeling this guy’s gonna love his new home.

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The 50something/60something four-way

The 50something/60something four-way

The 50something/60something four-way

In this scene, 65-year-old Scarlet Andrews and her assistant, 51-year-old Jenna Covelli, are both dressed in very low-cut business suits that show a lot of tit. They introduce themselves to James and Carlos, a couple of young guys who sell hip-hop shirts. They’re a little skeezy, a bit downmarket, and they think they know everything.

Their corporate headquarters is in Carlos’s mother’s basement!

The women are impressed…not by the fact that Carlos and James are working out of a basement but by the success of their business.

But the boys are hesitant. They don’t want to be perceived as sellouts.

“We can show you ways to plug up every single hole in the market,” Jenna tells them, a bit suggestively, if you ask us.

Carlos and James excuse themselves to discuss the situation. Meanwhile, behind them, Scarlet and Jenna have taken off their jackets.

“Boys, let us help you make a decision,” Jenna says.

“Let us show you what we can do for you,” Scarlet adds.

Now, we don’t know how sucking cock and fucking is going to help sales, but it’s a lot more fun than sitting around making T-shirts. Before we know it, Scarlet is down there sucking Carlos’s cock and Jenna is having her way with James’ rod. And then the ladies are bouncing up and down on the boys’ cocks and getting fucked every which way.

In the end, James and Carlos cum on the ladies’ faces. But did Scarlet and Jenna close the deal? Did they land the account? We’re guessing they did.

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While hubby sleeps, Sasha fucks Mr. Fix-It

While hubby sleeps, Sasha fucks Mr. Fix-It

While hubby sleeps, Sasha fucks Mr. Fix-It

Sasha, 40 and from California, is sitting at home, wearing a sexy dress, sipping a glass of wine, ready for action, but her deadbeat husband is sprawled out in his chair, snoring his face off.

“I just want to have some fun,” Sasha thinks.

She wakes him up, but he tells her the repairman is coming over and he’s going back to sleep. The repairman, eh? You know where this is going.

The repairman doesn’t speak English, but Sasha doesn’t care as long as his cock is hard. Which it is. So Sasha takes him upstairs and fucks the lucky dude while her husband sleeps.

Again, let this be a lesson to you: If you have a hot, mature wife, fuck her until she’s satisfied.

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Lin’s kinky cum party

Lin’s kinky cum party

Lin's kinky cum party

“What’s the kinkiest thing I’ve ever done?” asked 62-year-old swinger Lin Boyde. “It was in a swingers’ club.”

Tell us more, Lin!

“My guy and I had sex in front of a crowd of people,” she said. “It was funny because even though we were in a swingers’ club, we weren’t in the part of the club where people usually have sex, so people were watching us and cheering us on. When he came on my face, I swear it was the most cum I’ve ever seen. And I guess some of the guys must have been masturbating while watching us because two of them walked over and came on my chest when we were finished.”

They were uninvited, but Lin didn’t mind.

“When I get horny and want to fuck, I’m not always looking for a gentleman,” she said. “Like I said before, I love flowers, but given the choice between a man with flowers and a man with a hard cock, I’ll take the cock.”

But why choose, Lin? You can have both!

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