Amy Parks – Newbie Interview

Newbie Interview

Newbie Interview

Amy Parks is a 22-year-old Asian who lives in Boston, Massachusetts. We brought her to our studio for a chat…and to widen her cunt on-camera. She’s not the kind of cutie we usually watch dancing or screwing on-film, meaning that she is kind of bashful and virginal. You can see how nervous she’s, and it’s very cute.

Our digi camera lad chats Amy up for a diminutive in number minutes before that smooth operator asks her to disrobe for us. This is Amy’s first solo masturbation scene, so we’re not going to waste too much time beating around the bush. We know what you crave, so we get to the action quickly. In a short time Amy is lying on the bed, 2 knuckles buried deep in her hawt muff, and she’s moaning love insane.

Be sure to inspect the clip tomorrow.

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