An ass slam movie scene for Raven to check out with her partner

An anal-copulation movie scene for Raven to see with her husband

An anal job clip for Raven to see with her husband

Raven, who’s Fifty six, married with children and from Idaho, says that babe isn’t into any fetishes.

“Unless u count anal sex,” that babe said.

We usually don’t count anal sex ‘coz we define a fetish as smth a little edgier, a little less-common (like being into watching preggo hotty’s banging or mature women rogering during the time that they’re smoking) than anal job, which everyone seems to be doing those days. But the thing is, most sweethearts, especially old sweethearts love Raven, aren’t getting their butts rogered on digi camera for all the world to see.

“I like having anal-copulation on digi camera,” Raven told.

Okay, now that is a fetish!

“I sucked my husband’s dick during the time that watching my first anal movie on,” that babe told. “Then I had him screw my ass while the gent in the movie scene was screwing my a-hole. It was so surreal, having ass stab during the time that watching myself having anal dance with one more lady-killer.”

Thank you, Raven, for giving us more food for thought. Were your kids down the hallway during the time that you were mouthing their dad’s schlong?