Brianna Wildman – Brianna Wildman returns!

Brianna Wildman returns!

Brianna Wildman returns!

Brianna was gone but not forgotten. And your editor at not time forgot the way this little blond sang during the time that sucking JMac’s ramrod and took the missionary hammering of her life, her taut little vagina stretching around JMac’s colossal tool.

And when we started thinking about adult models we wanted to bring back, Brianna was at the top of the list. But could we discover her? Final we knew, she was living in Las Vegas. Was that babe still there? Had this babe gotten married? Was getting drilled on-camera a bucket-list thrill that she did not care to Iterate.

The answers: Yep, yep, no and no. Brianna is still a singer, dancer, writer and all-around entertainer who lives in Sin Town. That babe hasn’t gotten married. And this babe at not time discharged another shag scene after this babe left our studio in 2008.

But her first time was not solely a bucket-list thrill. Brianna, still constricted and right, still sporting a great couple of knockers and a sexy, shapely body and a great pussy (along with a innocent arsehole), was thrilled to receive a call from our studio.

“I was shocked,” Brianna said. “I thought I’d at not time hear from you another time.”

So here’s Brianna, now Fourty seven years mature, doing what she does best: exotic dancing and banging. It’s great to have her back.

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