Crystal Jewels – The 49-year-old piece of ass

The 49-year-old piece of gazoo

The 49-year-old piece of ass

“Nobody who knows me would be surprised to see me here,” told Crystal, a 49-year-old divorcee from Arizona. “I’ve been told for years that I should do porn, especially the sex part.”
We’d love to say we detected Crystal, but we did not. She identified us.
A friend of mine mentioned that 40 something might be interested in me, so I discovered you on Twitter and sent a message. I was contacted just now.”
Well, we’re not stupid. We might not have identified Crystal, but we know a smoking hot mature lady when we watch her. And vixens don’t come any more smokin’ hawt than her.
“I not quite always make the first move,” Crystal told. “I like feeling the power, knowing that the Lothario I have my sights on is defenseless, that in advance of long, I’m intend to have him. I can tell if a Lothario has a erection just by looking at his face. There’s something about an aroused skirt chaser.”

Or, perhaps, fellows are always aroused when they’re around Crystal.

“I masturbate each single day and 3 times on Sunday. I do it constantly in the car. I keep a pocket rocket in every purse. I’ve sex twice a day and always try for 3 times. I spend a good portion of my day cumming!”

Hey, sounds love us! ”

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