Dress code? What dress code?

Suit code? What costume code?

Dress code? What suit code?

When we asked Roxy Royce, a 55-year-old wife and Mama from Southern California, how that babe usually dresses, that babe told, “Very hot and appealing. It is all body-hugging and flaunting sort of raiment, whether it is workout attire, business attire or nonchalant. It’s all body-hugging and flaunting to unveil off my assets.”

Roxy is a business executive, and speaking of which, this scene opens with Roxy sat at her desk, wearing a low-cut blouse. Her H-cup love bubbles, fully super-sized, are busting with out her button-down top. She summons one of her workers to her office and has him sit on the daybed. That’s always a priceless sign. Turns out that Roxy is wearing a short, tight petticoat and heels to go along with her big-tit top.

But here’s the thing: Roxy has summoned Marco to her office to remind him of the costume code. U watch, that stud is supposed to wear a tie to work, but he doesn’t. But there is one other thing Marco always does.

“I watch your eyes wandering daily,” Roxy tells him. “You’re always looking at my milk shakes.”

“They’re kinda rock hard to miss,” this chab says. “Talk about the costume code…they’re literally drooping out.”

“Well, you know, the dress code doesn’t apply to me,” Roxy says. “I can do whatever I wanna do.”

Then she brandishes him the real reason that babe wanted to meet with him. To jack off and give him a head. To shag him on the corporate bed. To take his goo all over her bigger in size than run of the mill milk cans.

This chab might never receive a raise out of her, but that babe definitely acquires a rise out of him.

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