Elyse Williams – Takin’ The Plunge

Takin’ The Plunge

Takin' The Plunge

This is Elyse Williams, an 18-year-old sweetheart from Fort Lauderdale, Florida who sent us some fotos of her messing around on a keyboard. Then we sent out a recruiter to talk to her in person. Elyse wasn’t doing anything–she doesn’t have a job and isn’t gonna school–so she decided to take the NaughtyMag.com plunge. In this movie, a sex toy takes the plunge unfathomable into her pleasant, juvenile bawdy cleft. Give Elyse plenty of credit: she handles that large toy adore a much more aged woman. So for these of u out there who hope to bed Elyse, beware: She knows how to handle a pecker.

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