Kaiserin’s toy show

Kaiserin’s toy display

Kaiserin's toy show

“I’ve had more enjoyment in my 40’s than pretty much any other age,” told Kaiserin Dee, echoing a refrain we’ve heard from all of our HORNY HOUSEWIVES. “In my Thirty’s, I was too busy making sure everything was taken care of to worry about having pleasure. Now, gorgeous much everything is settled and taken care of, so I can just be me. I am in a insert my life where I do not must worry about cash or promotions. It’s me time now. Now I can be the crazy person I was always afraid to be.”

There are no fears evident in this episode, Kaiserin’s 1st. She unveils off her large bouncy bosoms (they’re H-cups) and bonks her cum-hole and anus with a variety of toys. Amazing.

Kaiserin is a 45-year-old wife and Mother of two who was born in Ohio and now lives in Texas. Let us all urge Kaiserin a happy birthday. She turns Fourty six tomorrow.

“Everybody calls me Dee, but my hubby calls me his kaiser, so that’s what I go by,” she told. Kaiserin is willing to rule our hard-ons. And this babe is a tall, domineering angel at 5’9″ tall.

“I’m extraordinarily turned on with multiple partners and think a five-way would just be insane,” Kaiserin said. “I love getting fucked from behind while mouthing dong. That’s the most fantastic!”

If u adore breasty, voluptuous, hot MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK, Kaiserin is the supreme.

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