Keely Jones – Rapid-Fire Interview

Rapid-Fire Interview

Rapid-Fire Interview

NM: How old are you?
Keely: 20.

NM: Thong choice?
Keely: Thongs.

NM: What’s the funniest pickup line you have ever heard?
Keely: “I just paid off this mustache. Wish to take it for a ride?”

NM: Are u into any fetishes?
Keely: I like servitude.

NM: Where was your sexiest collision?
Keely: I lost my virginity in front of at least 12 people.

NM: Do you love other gals?
Keely: Yeah. I truly shag my room mate. This babe got me into shooting this porn with you!

NM: Do u like anal?
Keely: Heeeeey! You’ll just get to await and see!

NM: Spit or swallow?
Keely: I love swallowing, unless I spit it out and play with the cum. I like playing with cum.

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