Kim Anh – Kim Anh works that muscle

Kim Anh works that muscle

Kim Anh works that muscle

When this scene opens, JMac is sleeping, and Nurse Kim Anh wakes him up to see how he’s doing.
She tells him that guy is healing beautiful well.

“It seems adore your leg muscle is still very meaty,” she says as she cuddles his haunch. “I’m very impressed with your leg muscle, and I just imagine how this 10-Pounder will be feeling when it’s fully upright. Let me feel it.”

Now, we do not know what the leg muscle has to do with the ramrod muscle, but JMac isn’t asking questions and neither are we. Before lengthy, 92-pound Kim has his large knob in her little face hole, and then that babe is taking it in her bawdy cleft, too.

Kim, the first Asian glamour model ever at, was born in Thailand and now lives in the United States with her spouse. She told us that she observed her previous two videos with her spouse, and what happened?

“I sucked his schlong and this guy licked my slit,” Kim told.

Kim told that shooting for has made her “more aware of my body in a sexual sense and more aware of my sexual needs.”

Her sexual needs?
“I think I need two guys to shag my arse,” Kim told.

We’re plan to work on that.

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