Kylie Harris – Bush Baby from Down Under

Bush Baby from Down Beneath

Bush Baby from Down Under

“These pix were taken by a bloke I would just met,” the nasty Bush Baby this month told us. Sofie lives down underneath, but you are likely more interested in what she’s got going on down below her briefs! She’s a hot little firecracker with a cute face, a pliant body and a arsehole just begging to be licked and banged. Sofie told us that she’s “just getting into anal dance.” We asked her to expand upon that. “I realized that by not experimenting with anal I was denying myself more enjoyment in the bedroom. I realized that I could have more enjoyment if I just took the initiative and tried it.”

“I adore having my bush,” Kylie told us. “There is one downside, though. I loathe how when I use lube it runs down into my hair and in my a-hole and it soaks in. When I used to shave back in school, I’d be skillful to squirt on a little lotion, have at myself and wipe anything off when I was finished. Now my crotch stays juicy and sticky all day if I use lube downstairs. It is a little uncomfortable, but it does have its upsides. If I receive fortunate in the morning with a Lothario, I’m valuable to go all day if the opportunity arises for more sex!”

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