Lola Lee – Lola Lee knows how to use it

Lola Lee knows how to use it

Lola Lee knows how to use it

Lola Lee, who’s 66, reveals the secret to a happy marriage: “He doesn’t vigour u to do things that u do not wish to do, but that charmer doesn’t mind going right along with whatever you want to do. And if I wanna make it with some other boy, he’s worthy with that.”

In this case, he’s good with Lola Lee traveling to Miami, Florida for the sole purpose of having sex with a lad she’d not at all met before: 27-year-old Juan. Lola Lee was 39 when this ladies man was born, which means that babe is old enough to be his grandmother. And yet, Juan is hard as a rock all the way through, relishing Lola Lee’s gorgeous cock-sucking and ball-sucking skills then partaking of Lola Lee’s constricted, skillful pussy. Skilled is the key word here because if a lady doesn’t know how to use her love tunnel, it doesn’t matter how constricted it’s.

Lola Lee is the aggressor in this scene, but that can go either way with her.

“A lot of times it depends on my lover,” that babe told. “If he’s a good paramour and satisfying my needs, then I am passive, but sometimes you need to give a little gentle guidance.”

Juan doesn’t need guidance. That gent just needs this silver slut’s wet crack.

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