Marla fucks a BBC. Her husband watches.

Marla fucks a BBC. Her husband watches.

Marla fucks a BBC. Her husband watches.

“I never got fucked by a black man,” 52-year-old Marla Jones says to her husband as she rubs her pussy, waiting for Asante to show up. “I can’t wait.”

Then Asante shows up, and Marla tells him, “I got so fucking horny waiting for you.”

“Go ahead, Asante,” Mr. Jones says as he watches. “You can finger my wife.”

“Please, I fucking hope so,” Marla tells Asante, who’s hesitant at first but starts rubbing then inserting. “Don’t go so easy there. Barge right in! This fucking cunt’s been waiting for you.”

Before long, Asante, who had seemed confused by the situation, maybe a little intimidated, gets into the swing of things, and he completely forgets his prior hesitation when Marla goes down on his dick. And then she looks into the camera and says to us, “You like this? Don’t you wish I was sucking your cock? You jerking it off?”

Marla is one of the dirtiest-talking MILFs we’ve ever met. She’s one of the best cock suckers, too. She has spectacular technique, licking and sucking and paying attention to parts of the cock that most guys didn’t even know they had.

FYI, the husband in this scene is Marla’s real-life hubby, and he watched the whole thing. Coming here was his idea, and Marla is glad he came up with it.

“I loved having that big, black cock in my cunt,” Marla said.

You won’t doubt that for a second.

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