Natalie Star – The Postman Only Cums Once

The Postman Only Cums One time

The Postman Only Cums Once

Her boyfriend thinks that Natalie is a gracious, hawt and, almost any importantly, faithful young wife, but when that chap kisses her goodbye, she has solely one thing on her mind as that babe shuts the front door after him: getting her vagina stuffed. That babe makes a decision to screw the first eligible lad that babe sees, and that just happens to be the postman who knocks on her door. She tells him that babe desires to talk about a package…his package that’s, and that babe doesn’t wanna talk about it, this babe desires to work it. And so she does, with dick mouthing leading into rigid and loud rogering on the sofa. And the postman solely cums one time!

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