Phoebe knows you’re watching

Phoebe knows you’re watching

Phoebe knows you're watching

When this episode opens, a fellow is massaging Phoebe’s shoulders, and Phoebe is massaging his shlong throughout his trousers. His hands move down to her mambos, but her hands don’t move from where they’ve been. Then she gets down on her hands and knees for a spanking.

“I’ve been so bad,” Phoebe says. She is about to get very bad.

“Can I copulate u?” Phoebe asks. We’re plan to take that as a rhetorical question since no woman chaser would ever say no.

This movie and the pics are Phoebe’s first 2 on-camera fucks, which might surprise u when you watch her in act. Phoebe obviously knows her way around a boner, and at times, she appears to be to forget the digi camera is there. But she doesn’t forget about the camera when the man discharges his load in her throat and on her face. This babe looks right at us, playing with the cum, licking with tongue and sucking it off her fingers, caressing it into her skin, eyes open, savouring the attention, wondering if you’re jacking off to her or have already emptied your balls.

Phoebe is a 46-year-old wife, Mother and saleswoman from Nashville, Tennessee, and there’s something a bit unusual about her.

“I sometimes masturbate with toys, but I’ve learned how to give myself an orgasm by squeezing my legs together properly,” she said. “I can do it anywhere at any time. I’ve even done it in a boring business meeting and nobody knew it. It is great to be a female!”

So, if you’re fortunate enough to see Phoebe out and about, maybe driving, or eating at a restaurant, or at one of these sales meetings, keep this in mind: That babe might be cumming.

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