Raquel Sieb – A bit of butt isn’t laughable

A bit of a-hole isn’t a matter of joke

Anal sex isn't funny

New Jersey-born, L.A.-living Raquel Sieb is a very giggly female-dominant. This babe giggles when this babe talks about her body, this babe giggles when she talks about sex, but this babe doesn’t chortle when this babe is getting banged in the butt. Instead, that babe says things like, “Stick that bigger than average knob in my a-hole.” ‘coz it just would not be right to giggle when you are getting it in the ass.

Raquel’s two passions are shopping and rogering, and when she’s shopping, that babe is usually looking for the kind of stylish raiment that will make her a more-attractive copulate object.

“I love wearing miniature tops and constricted jeans,” this babe says. So the next time you are out shopping, watch a sexy MILF in tight jeans and think, “I’d love to copulate her in the a-hole,” keep this in mind: This babe might urge you to screw her in the booty.

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