Tala – Phillipine Singer

Phillipine Singer

Phillipine Singer

Tala lives in Lake Worth, Florida, although this babe is originally from The Phillipines. This babe is 5’6″ tall, weighs approximately 115 pounds, and loves singing karaoke.

“I like to sing, and I’m nice-looking worthwhile at it,” Tala told us. “I like taking males to karaoke bars on our second or third date ‘coz I can always blow ’em away with my hidden talent.”

We’ll bet that Tala blows ’em away in other ways, too.

“I like sucking weenie. It makes me feel meaty, having a Lothario go weak and prevent moving because I make him feel so good. I also adore when it transitions into doggie-style sex. That is the foremost position.”

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