The gardener ploughs DeAnna’s booty

The gardener plows DeAnna’s arse

The gardener plows DeAnna's ass

Here’s a scenario that long-time porn watchers have seen many times: lady acquires sexually excited watching the gardener work and invites him in for a drink. They end up fucking. But here’s what make this scene special: It is DeAnna’s first clip screw, and that babe takes it up the ass!

You know, one of the great things about this website is we don’t rely on sex stars to get us off. Oh, sure, there’re a dunky in number girls on this site who have been around the porn block (and they’re particular ladies, to be sure), but most of the vixens u see here are the housewife or divorcee-next-door. They’re women who do not intend to make a living without fucking on camera. Oh, sure, they’re picking up some additional specie for shopping or maybe to take a journey. But almost all of ’em are doing it for one reason: They’re fulfilling a long-time dream.

“I’m almost 60, and I thought it was time to cross this one off of my to-do list,” DeAnna said. “I’ve viewed the Grand Canyon. I’ve been to tons of noted places. I have been to married couples undress clubs. But I’ve never done this until now. And I am pleased I did.”

Will this babe do it afresh? Who knows? But we do know this: 4’11” DeAnna Bentley can truly take a rod up her a-hole. And that makes her particular.

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