Welcome back, Betty Boobs!

Welcome back, Betty Mangos!

Welcome back, Betty Whoppers!

Rion is walking down the street when his friend’s Mother, Betty, drives up in her car and suggests him a ride home. That babe is heading that way, moreover. This babe has to drop off some stuff for Rion’s Mamma. Rion knows that his mom’s friend is a hot woman. What that woman chaser doesn’t know is that in the 1990s, this babe was big breasted sex star and feature dancer Betty Love muffins. Now she’s just his mom’s friend…who happens to be wearing a tight, little top that unveils off her big love melons and a short petticoat.

So they go inside, and Rion checks out the box of garments that Betty is giving his Mama. That stud is a little put off. Majority boys do not wish to imagine their mammas wearing sexy little outfits.

“I think she’d look great in them,” Betty says.

“Like a wench?” Rion says.

“Do you think I’m a floozy?” Betty shoots back.

“You look great, but it is my Mamma.”

“Do u urge me to try it on for u?” Betty asks.

And away we go! At this point, we’re in one-thing-leads-to-another territory, and one thing leads to one more very quickly. That babe asks him if he wants to touch her whoppers. That gent gives the obvious answer. Previous to long, this Lothario is touching a lot more, and she’s sucking his dick. Then Betty is widen out on Rion’s parents’ couch, and Rion is screwing her doggy position. That dude screws her each which way ‘coz Betty, after all, used to be a porno star, and then this chap cums on her face.

So that is the story of Betty Boobs’ first porn scene in almost 20 years. This babe prevented fucking on-camera for a during the time that. Got married and divorced. Had kids. Became a nurse. But now this babe is back in the game!

“I just decided to change it up afresh,” told Betty, who was a star in SCORE magazine. “Some might say it is a mid-life crisis, but I’ve done it before so it isn’t. I like sex. Sex is a lot more sweet now. You relax more. It’s more enjoyment. They say when u hit Fourty, sex receives more admirable, and I suppose it’s so.”

Welcome back, Betty Fun bags! We’re gratified to have her at 40SomethingMag.com.

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