Wendy – Wendy’s toy story

Wendy’s toy story

Wendy's toy story

Wendy, a housewife from Great Britain, is 47. This babe was 42 when we 1st met her, and we’re pleased to report that she hasn’t lost any of her sex drive. Which you’re about to see. Wendy’s a feisty one, and her appetite for sex has grown.

“My spouse can barely keep up with me anymore,” that babe said. “But that is ok, ‘cuz when he’s done, I always have my fingers and my toys. Sex is always on my mind, and I have to go throughout a package of batteries for my dildos every single week. Plus, I’ve been having those nasty fantasies lately about being drilled in the gazoo by a bunch of men who I’d just met on the Underground. But I do not need to tell you boyz what a slut I’ve become. U can see it in right here!”

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