Zena Rey – Zena Rey loves balls (and getting her ass fucked)

Zena Rey loves balls (and getting her butt rogered)

Zena Rey loves balls (and getting her booty fucked)

Zena Rey, a 51-year-old swinger from California, is back for more, having packed her big funbags and shaven muff into a hot brassiere and briefs set. She tells the woman chaser she’s with, a nerdish 21-year-old in glasses, that that babe is intend to show him “how older hotty’s love to screw juvenile boyz.” He’s shocked at her talk of that “big, bulging cock” of his, but this guy does nothing to stop her.

“I crave to rub my bra buddies all over this body,” this babe says as that babe licks him up and down.

Then she does something you don’t watch often.

“I crave you to stand up and let me watch those balls,” this babe tells him.

Balls? Just the balls? No meat-thermometer?

Just the balls.

That babe pulls ’em out through his shorts and sucks and licks his testicles every which way, burying her face in his nutsac, and just when you think this babe is going to take his shlong out of his pants, this babe sucks his testicles some more. This is groundbreaking cinema. Most babes do not love balls as much as Zena Rey does. Finally, she receives to his schlong.

And that smooth operator receives to her cookie. And her asshole.

And that is how older hotty’s love to screw…just about everyone.

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